Friday, December 03, 2004


I have created a kaibutsu! Darling has now sprouted tendrils sticking out from his torso, glued to the keyboard, mouse and there are strange magnetic waves linking from the eyes to the screen. Half Life 2! Has gotten its complete hold on my dearest. heh. Actually, it's not that bad yet, I managed to get him off the computer, else I won't even be typing this. After thirty minutes of watching my hubby played, I confess I really felt sick. Nausea. Giddy. Stomach couldn't stop churning. Don't know why, but I get very bad motion sickness from all the 3D. Hubby said it's not so apparent if you're playing, only hits you when you're watching. Perhaps I should play too? The graphics are excellent. But it's really not my type of game at all. Except I'm better at helping him solve some puzzles. :)

Okie, so we were supposed to go blading yesterday and this morning, but till now we've not done so. I've become a sadly negected woman ... *sob sob*. Is hubby having a guilt trip right now? *nudge nudge* heh Good thing I still got a few more books to read. Perhaps I should continue on my thousand-year-old knitting soon. Or *horrors* pack my school stuffs which I brought home and dumped onto the dining floor. At least mom is understanding about those. I have to sort through the stuffs and start throwing things away. And if you know me, I'm going to create a storm in the dining room soon.

And I've bought my corelle set! A total of 18 pieces for less than a hundred! Wheee! heh ... I love new things! Wen said don't buy so many household stuffs, leave some for friends to get for you when you throw a house-warming party! Whoops. But I really can't help it. They're so nice! And if I can't buy expensive furniture, I'll end up getting little pretty stuffs. :P

The previous day, I had a 30 minute back and shoulder. They were aching like crazy. Must be all the shoulder stands I did. New therapist asked me after 10 minutes how the strength was (she was already putting quite a bit in), and I replied, 'it's okie, I'm used to sports massage, so it's all right.' In which she went ohh .. and started digging her elbows into me. That hurts! Was rather blue black yesterday, but feeling great now. And she cracked my head from side to side. Kowai!

Will not log on to chessworld and play chess for the next couple of days. Need a break and had been playing real badly. No inspirations to play now. :P

It felt like a weekend yesterday! Hubby called up his friend to ask him about something. He started off with, 'so where are you? At home?' To which, 'huh? What do you think? At work lah! You think it's a Saturday huh!' It really felt like a Saturday yesterday! And today is officially hubby's first day of holiday! Not yesterday. Yay! It's just nice to spend so much nua time with him. Hmm, perhaps we should just go somewhere.

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