Tuesday, December 14, 2004


The funny thing about Wen is that sometimes she'll sms me something which goes like: Wah! Someone just stepped on my toes! Damn painful That being the thirty-fifth times it happened. I'd laugh and tell her that she's just too tiny to be seen and her big feet stick out. Have to carry big umbrella to defend her toes. Hey, her boyfriend is three times bigger than her! heh. Or perhaps I'm just exaggerating. :P She told me smugly the other day that when she went for her yearly checkup recently, she found that she had grown an extra centimetre! It was all the yoga thingy, when the nurse said, 'now stand straight', she did the tadasana pose, where you really straighten the spine and stand tall. She wasn't too pleased to put on two extra kilos though. I think I must measure my own height again soon!

Or that time when she'll sms me and declare that she had just seen the most terribly dressed woman ever in the bus. Fat, with layers and layers protuding out from the tiny and tight see-through blouse, with the most horrendious make up ever, and hair as bright and clashing as those you'd never believe. Or the ah soh carrying the prada bag but with the worst colour combination of clothes ever. Or when we walked down Orchard Road, sometimes we would turn to each other and burst out laughing at the lady who just walked past us with huge boobs spilling out of her tiny tight top, and a face that could give you nightmares. heh.

I'm really exaggerating, no! :P

With hubby, sometimes inevitably we would end up laughing at some people on the streets, but we do it more discreetly. Or perhaps we're just too involved in each other to really notice things happening around us. :) And somehow, we tend to notice cats more than anything else. It's the influence of the CAT. We're still hoping that perhaps one day, we might catch a glimpse of her out there.

Mom is making beef steak. Whoops, I'd better go and cook mine myself, before she does it overcooked! I love it medium rare.

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