Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Loving him :)

When hubby is away and I'm sitting here by the computer writing blogs or being bored to death or doing everything else but the important things, I would inevitably think of him. :)


Last night he went to sleep smilling goofily and happily to himself. He was surfing the net on cameras earlier see. This morning (or was it last night? I was a bit groggy), he told me enthusiastically, Let's go to HV for breakfast! :) I was surprised but it's not a bad idea at all. Mom wanted a lift to the market to buy ... of all things, more fish. Did I say I really had nothing against fish? Hubby was a bit disappointed when I then suggested that we go to the market for breakfast instead. I asked, What do you want to eat at HV anyway? He said, the Ipoh Hor Fun? Are you sure it's even open so early in the morning? Let's go to the market with mom and have my favourite teochew fishball noodles instead! And finally hubby seems reluctant but agreed. Then on the way to the car, he held me closely, smiled his happy and goofy smile again and whispered in my ears, 'I wanted to get you flowers, you see. I thought of that last night.' :) :) :) I love you, dearest. It doesn't matter if there are no flowers for me, as long as you are by my side. No flowers can ever take any replacement in my heart. :) *beamz*

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