Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Morning cackle

Okie, this absolutely had me in stitches. Mom was just telling me that someone called me earlier, I was in the bath. The caller spoke soooo softly, that mom who is a bit hard of hearing in one ear, got fed up and said, 'wrong number! wrong number!' To which the caller immediately said, 'no no! it's the right one!' and she immediately spoke out LOUD and slowly, my name. hahahaa ... we all knew who she was, mom and I, didn't we? *rolls eyes* I'm going to have to call her and strain my ears too. ;P Will she never learn? ;)

So I've just called LR. She was telling me she was unhappy with PM for some reason or another. Now these two have a long standing history of getting on each other's nerves, funnily though, and it entertains all of us. This brings back memories ... heh, like that scandalous time when ... heh heh, they'll kill me if they find out that I wrote this in my blog, so secret, don't tell them, shhh. Min, do you remember? That time when we were playing chess in the enclosed room, when PM suddenly screamed loudly! And everyone came running in to see what had happened? It was a loud shriek, they could even hear it outside. I was just sitting next to them and I was stunned. What actually happened was PM screamed because LR poked her in the ribs because she took her wallet (or something), and PM was actually in the middle of a game with our junior (who is a guy), or was she? And he was the only guy in the room, and boy ... was his face beet-red. hahaha. Did I remember it correctly? It was so long ago now. :P

I will always remember those two like that. :) Gee, I hope they are not seriously unhappy with each other though.

I'm spoilt for choices here. So many freebies to take. Left right and centre. Heh, shall I try to entrap the queen?

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