Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A slip of the tonsils

Hubby is officially on leave from tomorrow onwards! Yay! He'd better be spending more time with me, rather than off sinking super ships and firing at submarines. But we'll be getting for him Half Life 2, so I'm going to have to roll my eyes at him sooner or later. heh heh. :P

My tonsils were killing me for the past week, sharp pain everytime when I swallowed. Must be all that ice-cream and chocolates I couldn't stop taking just when it got slightly better. And the CURRY CHICKEN last night. yum yum. But after dear hubby took the matter in his hands, or rather that long thin metal tongs in his hands and poke it, prod it, and everything except yanking the stupid tonsil out, (there was no fish bone in it, though it was a possibility), the pain simply disappeared this morning. I call that hubby's touch. He's really great, ya know. :) And I really love him. :) :) *beamz*

And just the other day, I ordered a mix of apple and ping guo juice at the fruit stall. The stallholder turned to prepare the fruits and took him about 10 seconds before he swirled round again to stare at me with his eyebrows elevated right up into his forehead. We both laughed out loud then. Me louder still and feeling extremely foolish, because a few minutes earlier, it was the order I've taken from hubby who wanted the mix of apple and ping guo juice, and I laughed loudly at him and corrected it to apple and orange juice. Now hubby was the one with the last laugh. Who is the better sheep? *bleah bleah* For the uninitiated, ping guo is apple in mandarin. :P

Game wise: I can't believe I've been cheated of my checkmate.

Opponent resigned in this position, rather than allow me the satisfaction of inflicting a cruel and slow end. *sigh* Ah well, I still have many games to think about, not counting that silly one which I'm still struggling over with a piece down (now a bloody damn rook); and recently I've just made another blunder in another game by giving a free knight - which I didn't see when I made the move earlier in the wee hours of the morning when I was half awake. Lesson to self: never play chess when brains are still sleeping. Duh. Correspondence chess indeed. See hubby rolls his eyeballs all over his skull. :P I really should play a little slower.

Yikes! I've just made a terrible terrible blunder at another board. This is sooo awful! A free queen this time! I must definitely swear off chess for a while now. :(

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