Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ostrich reflex, fast and fury

The other day in the car, we were discussing the stupid mentality of some people. When suddenly this old man started to cross the road. Now, we were NOT at a traffic junction nor were we at a zebra crossing. The old man looked to his right and glanced to his left (we were coming from the left), and started crossing the road! And he pointedly refused to admit the existence of our car, travelling, fortunately at very low speed, towards him. Whoa ... what if we were travelling faster and did not see him? Gee ... some people. We called that sticking his head into the sand and refusing to look. heh.

So we are annoyed and upset. We had been extremely patient and understanding so far. It's almost a month since we've been promised the keys. It was the last straw today when they said they've done the floor, but what do we see? Extremely bad workmanship! You call that complete? Hello! It was so rough, I had thought they were going to do one more layer! So much for being nice. So much for simply waiting and smiling and trying to empathise with them. To hell with the whole lot. I will breathe fire tomorrow. Hear me singe. Grrr. Tomorrow. Just wait.

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