Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ichky morning

It's a bright and sunny day today, however one feels gloomy and grumpy. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling of a hangover, although one was strictly non-alcoholic, it is the neck and shoulders giving one hell again. Or perhaps it was because one's dearest wasn't around today. Or perhaps it's just that one is feeling yoyoish again. *sigh*

So I tried to do some yoga but was extremely stiff, and didn't feel like pushing myself. My neck still hurts and so is my damn bloody right wrist.

These are the books I would like to have. From Book Number Three to Seven and the Contemporary Knitting. They're so pretty!

The wedding band has a dent in it. :( I think it must have gotten dented when I fell down that silly slope that time. The lady at the shop advised against polishing, as the band is already very thin, and they may not be able to 'remove' the dent. :( I got very slim fingers lah! Wen can't even fit it in her last finger. hahah!

HOD smsed me that the my class did pretty oki in the National Exams. I supposed it's pretty OK news. Never felt very excited about it. I just felt that it could perhaps have been better if the class had been split. It was too huge a class.

My neck hurts. *whine whine*

I just received so sad news. WAaah ... so depressing. *sniff sniff*

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