Monday, December 20, 2004

Cheeky Chai Detox

Mom made me wait for almost half an hour today. She could have called me before leaving the house and told me she'll be late, instead of making me stand there like an idiot. What is wrong with all these people?

The only people who are extremely punctual most of the times are Wen and Min. Min is a bit scary, she is too early sometimes. :P And if they are going to be late, they will always let you know. These two are stickers for punctuality. I've been spoilt by them. You know they are reliable. And guess what, they have the same birthday. Is it a coincidence? :)

Unlike PM *rolls eyes*, YS/LR *rolls nose* ... and now Mom as well. *sigh* When hubby and I were dating, he used to be extremely late as well. I'm sooo used to waiting for people, but it doesn't make me any nicer. Sometimes I just felt like walking away and let the late person panic and call me on my hp when they get to the place. Perhaps I should just do that next time. Grrr.

So I'm not in a really good mood today. But nothing beats spending more money to restore the mood. heh heh heh. I don't dare to look at my credit card this month. I sure am hoping school starts soon. Then I'll be sooo busy with work to 1. spend money, and 2. eat too much. I always lose weight when term begins. Bread and jam lunch is cheap and light.

I had a nice detox yesterday. When I said detox, hubby thought I meant sticking something into the arsehole and flushing the body of toxins ... err, did he really say that? hahah. Or was it taking some laxative and flushing the body of toxins? Cannot remember. I think he used some cheem terminology. But don't get me mistaken, I don't mean detox in that sense at all! Heavens forbade. I had an extremely nice massage (could be better actually, I can only 'feel' it if it's a deep tissue massage), followered by a wrap in some herbal chai thingy. Smells good, feels good and boy, I really felt lighter after all that!

Unfortunately we had an extremely HUGE dinner last night. Plus Port. To celebrate the Winter Solstice where you are supposed to eat tang yuen. I think my stomach expanded. I need more food to feel full. Oh dear.

Need to go jogging again tomorrow. I need to go for yoga too. Or better still, go for that nice detox again. heh heh. :)

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