Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Anticipation ...

is waiting for hubby to come home. :)

It's fun to go Christmas Shopping. For every something I get for someone, I see many somethings I would like to get for myself. heh heh. Hubby has 4 nephews and 3 nieces. I've learnt to shop in bulk without becoming super broke now. :P I remembered last Christmas, I just bought one HUGE board game for the 3 brothers to share and the lone boy a many-in-one chess set. The girls were a bit trickier, but it's more fun to shop for them. I got them little soft toys. I think the older girl didn't really like it that much though. Probably too big for a soft toy.

This year, I went even cheaper. :P I got a funny Disney pen which lights up for all the boys. Well yeah, I liked them lah. heh. Soft toys for the two younger girls, and I got something more arty for the older one. Hope she'll like it. It's never easy being a middle child.

And in between I got lots of stuffs for myself. hahaha. Whoops. :P

I felt like getting this super nice nail polish that day. Brought PM to go and see. She wasn't too impressed though. She asked me if I always use them. Actually, no ... I hardly do my nails. I'm awful at nail painting and it takes forever to get them done myself. So PM rolled her eyes at me. I guessed she's right. But I still felt like getting that colour. I always go gaga when I see nice pretty colours especially those in shimmering pastel colours, or when I see pretty sweet flowery designs. I'm greedy. I want them for myself and admire them. heh heh. Darn, and I hardly use make-up anyway. Priorities priorities!

Maybe when they have a sale, I'll just pop by and get it. :P And I like the gold colour too. *puffs cheeks out*

There's a new internet 'toy' around. Check out this wallop thingy. I don't know why my friend is so free to sign up for such stuffs. And some more to be 'playing' with it in the OT. tsk tsk tsk. Got time to blog no time for dinner. tsk tsk tsk. heh heh. Hmm, I need RSS feed to link my blog here to there. What the hell is RSS feed? :X

My holidays is coming to an end very soon. This is what I must promise myself to do tomorrow.
1. Wake up early and go jogging before making breakfast for hubby.
2. Play the piano after that.
3. Open the violin case and pick up the violin, clean it ... and perhaps PLAY bloody it. :P
4. TIDY up room and work mess.
5. Go for yoga in the evening.

*piak piak* Time's running out! Gotta do all these!

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