Saturday, December 18, 2004

Eleven o'clock thoughts

Razz writes very well. I am very impressed. Check it out here - breathe. I like her style of narrative. It's quiet, introspective and there's a power in there which draws you in.

I forgot to mention, this is also excellent. :) It simply takes your breath away. Whoops, it's the Wednesday, November 17, 2004 Post I'm talking about.

I'm reminded of the kind of quiet but intense narrative written by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favourite books. That is a beatiful story, and so is how Razz writes. I shall now be her no. one favourite rabid fan! ;) Feed me carrots! :P

I quote: It's not about quitting, or staying. It's about you, finding yourself.

I liked that ... finding yourself. I feel that one can only belong to oneself, and not to a place and perhaps, not even to a person. What does it mean? Feeling belonged? Being happy? Or being at peace with oneself wherever one is? Does one truely need to feel belonged to a place? Or should one continuously seek a place to belong to, or a person to belong to, only never to find it, for it is only found within one's heart and soul? Are people looking at the right place when they try to look for somewhere to feel belonged? Is continuously seeking for an external place to feel belonged the right way of finding it? Or perhaps we should simply step out of ourselves and look inwards. Find oneself, know oneself, believe in oneself.

I'm not sure I even believed in all these, but all I can be sure is, I am happy and at peace. Perhaps it's my dearest who helped me, but somehow I was happy first after a long bout of unhappiness, and suddenly everything seems just there, and it just gets better. :)

And it's a beautiful morning today, and I finally managed to get my butt out there to jog. :P Now, to start eating less. Starting tomorrow, after tomorrow's special reunion steamboat dinner. yum yum, I'm looking foward to that one! Mom's stuffs is truely great! Shessh, I'm thinking of food and salivating. heh heh.

A sad note: They're cutting down the beautiful trees (Angsana or are they flame of the forest) in my estate! :( Said they're parasited and a danger. How sad.

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