Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas Tree at Marriot :)

PM was late for one whole hour. She doesn't have a handphone so all I can do was to stay where I was till she comes. I called her at six, when she was supposed to call me before she leaves the house, but, 'what! Is it six p.m already? Waah ... I shall go and bathe now!' was the reply I got. *eyes roll and strike sixes*. Being friends with her can be a real trial.

But it's worth every single wait. :)

She's one of those whom I can talk to and laugh with. Who can give advice and I'd listen. There's real communication going on. I've always admired and liked her. And she's really funny. And ... she's not attached yet. So if any dear reader is quite keen to know her, can let me know. heh heh heh. She's very pretty and smart too! And she can cook. :P

Lin is also great to be with. She helped me shop for presents for all my hubby's nieces and newphews and friend's toddler and we had a great cuppa hot chocolate together. She's a go-getter for sure and I won't be surprised if she becomes someone important in future, like maybe even an MP.

I've been eating way too much. Need to go on a diet. I really feel bloated! Wah.

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