Saturday, November 20, 2004

Zen and the Art of Motorcar Washing

Darling hubby would always, on a free day, gleefully and very enthusaistically call out, 'It's time to wash the car!'. We would wash the said car at least once a week, a full soap over, wash then rinse then wipe dry, including vacuuming the interior and scrubing the tyres. I know, we are that detailed in cleanliness.

This morning, I called out, 'It's time to wash the car!'. Dear hubby peeled open an eye, looked at me from the low horizontal position he is lounging in, 'huh? What do you mean ... wash the car?'. Whoops, it was like 10 days ago since we last did that, and the car is really, extremely dirty!

And he had an extremely good excuse not to too, since it rained this morning.

Men! *rolls eyes*


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