Wednesday, November 17, 2004

One more day.


Wooohoo! :)

Meeting PM is always fun. Even though we didn't get to ice-skate yesterday, the bloody rink was closed, it was still nice hanging out with her. We took a slow walk back, and she got to see my most untidy room, and we walked to the library again. I can't remember what exactly we talked about, about work, about life in general etc, but it's just nice to see her again. PM is one person who really loves her work. She gets a high from working. And her eyes sparkle when she talks about it. heh. My parents like her very much too. I think she's my parents' favourite daughter's-friend, second being HM. My mom doesn't really like Wen very much though, she sometimes said Wen is a bad influence on me, which I don't see how it is. duh.

Anyway, we were talking about having cravings. PM has the strangest cravings. Like packets of peanuts; last time it was canisters of potato chips - she can finish one canister in a few hours; strange Japanese prunes, dried cod fish etc. And she's perpetually thinking of going on diet. In her own words, 'to go on diet after breakfast tomorrow'. We told her she's not at all fat, but still ... the mind works in strange ways. I'd say she just need to get toned. Like 'down five!'. That'll be good. I should do that too, else I can't do my handstand properly, but my left arm is aching again. damn.

And speaking of cravings, I have a crave for oyster egg omelette, the nicest now being the one cooked by mom; penang chay kuay teow, recently discovered a really good one at the hawker centre a few bus stops from my place, but it was closed yesterday :( and the best so far is obviously the one in Penang, which I'm planning to go back and eat again. soon. heh. And hokkien prawn noodles. Hmmm .. was planning to eat lunch out and run some errands, but mom told me she's making prawn noodles for lunch, so what can I do? Come home immediately and now waiting, waiting and waiting, for the delicious noodle she's going to make. Boy, am I hungry right now! Drool.

I shall have to buy my wok and pots and pans soon, so that I can experiment with all sorts of mom's favourite dishes on my own. Hope it'll turn up as good as mom's cooking, the worst being just go home and eat. And you know what? The way to a man's heart is really through the stomach. ;) Take note of that, girls. :P

Razz seems to be having a 'blogwar' with another blogger EJ. I'm not sure what it is all about, I thought they were like doing some kind of 'advertising' for their writings ... you know, or rather like some kind of 'gloating' to push each other to the end so as to conquer the 'writer's block monster'. But then again, it does seem quite serious, yet somehow it doesn't really ring serious. It's all very confusing. Reading Razz's blog, it's really quite unlike her. I shall have to keep my eyes opened and ears cleaned to catch the next sniff.


Ohh, I like this one: I shall have to keep my eyes opened and ears cleaned to catch the next sniff. dunno why lah. heh.

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