Saturday, November 20, 2004

Inspirations and Decisions

Ms, Mdm or Mrs ... what's in a name? They don't seem to accept Ms, I wonder why, Mdm sounds tremendously old, so I guess it's Mrs from now onwards. Henceforth, I shall be known. heh.

The house is beautiful. Kitchen is a little small, no, I mean .. very bloody small. The kitchen cabinets aren't very well done but I can't complain can I? I mean if I were to nitpick on my place, then only a landed property can satisfy me. heh. Okie, nevermind. So what if the kitchen is too small? It'll be easier to clean. :) Mental image of refrigerator is being gradually reduced in size.

We thought of having the first day in the new house all to ourselves and welcome the place by making love at the top of the rooftop, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, everywhere. Heh .... but perhaps another time. We weren't given the front door key yet and they need one month to see to all the defects. doh. So right now, we're going back with a mallet and checking that all tiles are not hollow and that there are no cracks in the walls whatsoever to threaten the structure. It's a loooonnng drop down.

Well, so that leaves choosing the colours for each rooms and deciding the lights and curtains. Hubby is refusing to let me choose the colours, saying that me who went to Japan and bought an ORANGE bag ... he shuddered. But hey, orange is a beautiful colour, and I love that bag very much! heh heh. I shall have to take a pic of that bag and put it here ... check out this post again.

Furniture wise, we probably have to cut back even more. There are other stuffs to get, like TV, computers, mattress, washing machine, refrigerator etc. It's going to be an expensive investment. Things here are really crazily ex! The good stuffs at least. And I saw a nice set of dishes (corelle) which I'm thinking of getting soon. Priorities priorities .. oh dear!

Otherwise, it's Christmas soon, and dear hubby has a bright idea to put up a five metres Christmas Tree in the living room! *blinks* We will dedicate the whole living space to the beautiful Christmas Tree which will be up all year round. And it'll be a holiday season every day! Oh, did he just mention that we should get a four inch crystal christmas tree from Swarovski instead? See, how too many decisions can overwhelm and short circuit the brain. :P

My new work place is also nice. It's not very near but ah well. At least the cubicles are HUGE. As compared to the current one, which only includes a table one point two metres long. How to work like that huh? And the people there are rather nice too, at least for the first impression. I remembered the first impression I had for my current place wasn't too good, the people weren't nice. And it's an orange brick building! hahaha! Ahh .. ahem ahem. I shall look forward to it. :)

Penang Chay Kuay Teow later ... *slurp*

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