Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sloth, one of the seven great sins

Okie, so I was lazy. I spent the whole of yesterday in a reclining position - lying in bed propped up by pillows, reading my book and dozing intermittently. Hubby spent the whole day trying to destroy the evil superships with his super-duper-powerful destroyer though. So we're even actually. Heh. But it sure was a rather wasted day.

So this morning, I've decided to clean up the room again, while hubby is working. The urge to clean the room is proportional to the number of sneezes per minute. But I'm not making much progress, am I? Having iTunes playing Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 by Martha Argreich, typing away at the keyboard, and eating ice-cream for breakfast. The floor, as usual, is in a mess, with papers strewn all over, one pile to be discarded, one pile to be filed, one pile to be sorted out again etc. I should really start my packing to move all my stuffs to my new place, but ... inertia is holding me stuck to my chair. Ah well. :)

I'm an extremely light sleeper sometimes. Early this morning at 2am, a colleague friend smsed me, and I woke up when I heard the short beep from my handphone. DUH. What a time to sms me. V sometimes sms me late at night too, about 12am, and she would wake me up as well. I wonder how she is, had promised to give her a couple of my rom shots but not done yet. Oh dear. And just around 6am this morning, hubby's handphone gave a weak squeak of protest to announce its pathetic dying state, and THAT woke me up as well! Baaaaddd handphones ... I shut it up by sticking the power in to recharge the battery. Good riddence. After which I couldn't really sleep and was contemplating a morning jog, but decided that it's actually nice just to hug my pillows and remian horizontal. Sloth! Tis good!

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