Friday, November 12, 2004

Always look on the bright side of things

Yesterday, dear hubby, in the car, with an impish grin on his face, sang to me loudly 'Always look on the bright side of things!' :) For some reason, that image of him kept revisiting my mind. You should have seen me grinning away while walking along the streets or doing my work or even typing here. It cheered me up tremendously. And he's absolutely right! This morning it wasn't a total waste of time at work, sans meeting. Meeting was, as usual, a disaster, but after that I tidied up my workplace a bit. It's not much, but I threw out a trashbagful of stuffs, and even though there are still a lot more things to throw, I'm quite happy with what I've done. And with dear hubby in my mind, cheering me on ... :) Am I the luckiest person or what?

And we have made the appointment to get our keys next week! I'm really looking foward to that! Woohoo! :)

Trying to call PM is as easy as striking lottery. She's either not at home, or sleeping, or whatever. Plus she has changed her pager and I don't have the new number and neither does her sister. Trying to get Min out is also more difficult than hitting toto. heh. Ah well, I think I'll still try ... sometimes. :P No, not buying lottery or toto, I rarely do that, except maybe now, wish upon a star .. perhaps I might be able to buy my dream furniture then. :)

In the newspapers today, 62 is too young to stop working ... of course 62 is, ostensibly, too young to stop working! Who is going to support you if you stop working? Wait long long for the G, or your kids? Naah ... forget it. After all, even if you'd like to retire and have a good life in your old age, the choice is not yours to make anymore. You know, there's just no place for a person who has outlived his usefulness. You just have to work to your grave. Ha . haha.

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