Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A bite more than one could swallow

A few days ago, I was sent an invite for a tournament (in chessworld, of course), and I, being bored, happily signed up for it. Before I knew it, there was a sudden burst of activity, and I now have TWENTY-ONE games to play!! TWENTY-ONE! Is that crazy or what!!! I feel like a Grandmaster playing simultaneous games. hahaha. ahhhh hahahaa ... *kok* my own head. Just great!

This morning I had Hershey's Hot Chocolate. Bought a box off the supermarket yesterday. Didn't know they sell such stuffs actually. So I made my hot chocolate. Was very suspicious of it, but it actually tasted pretty good (with powdered milk) for a first couple of sips. Heh ... Very thick, creamy and sweet. So I added a bit more water. After half the cup, I was feeling a little sick of it. heh. I must say ... it wasn't all that fantastic after all. Perhaps I shouldn't make such a huge cup of hot chocolate. My daily milo and milk concoction tastes much better! And healthier I bet. Had to have some tomatoes to soothe the throat after that.

I think hubby and I both have quite definitely decided on the furniture we want. Seems that somehow we just can't compromise on the quality of the furniture after all. And let's get this straight. He was the one who went gaga yesterday, not me. heh heh. Will have to do more calculations then. I wish ... hmm .. shh, it's a secret. :)


Louis Armstrong ... to chase away the morning blues. :)

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