Sunday, November 21, 2004

Crazy Day

It's Sunday night, and Xena's blog is not up yet. I've waited more than a week. grrrr.


Well, I've finally bought my dear hubby a pair of blades. :) Ohh, it's a beautiful pair! Goes very fast and has excellent control! No brakes too! Guy selling it was damn good! Very very good in fact, we were very much impressed. Bet he can earn big bucks selling properties. Very friendly, very knowledgable and managed to persuade us to part with a large sum of money. He definitely knows his stuffs, but then he's also an instructor. Think we might pick up some lessons when we are slightly less busy. Too bad my skates are still in rather tip-top condition. But mai hiam lah ... my skates also very pretty! I liked them a lot too. heh.

Well, we were supposed to be looking at house stuffs ... but we got side-tracked a bit. :P

While driving along the road, I noted to hubby that:
Behind every lousy woman, there is a man.
Behind every successful man, there is a woman.


On commenting that this lady driver who didn't know to move out on the road to make a turn. Must be her instructor forgot to teach her to do so. Oh wait, come to think of it, maybe she wanted to make a U-turn?

It's a crazy day today. I feel so rather off colour in the morning, but I feel so happy now! Dunno why. :)

Now I know why I never recieve any email prompts on my opponent moves in chessworld. ha ... they all went into my spam mail, which I always empty without looking ... hahaha. duh ... :P I haven't been playing chess for ages. Fell for the oldest trick in the book. Gave a free bishop. Totally free! No strings attached. Queen check and eat bishop. *sob sob* How silly can I be? Hubby says I'm not playing correspondence chess! I'm playing blitz! How true! :)

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