Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Holiday interrupted

It's raining heavily now, I'm glad I got home before it poured. I'm falling sick with flu. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone for the meeting today. But there's so much to pack. I think I shall not go tomorrow then. My headache is killing me.

I wanted to write something, but I've forgotten what I wanted to write after talking with Lin. :P So I'm going to sleep instead. What a boring entry this is. haha.

It's miserable to be sick. My nose is running, my head is aching, and my throat feels sore. My parents are not in to cook lunch and dinner for me. They have gone on a cruise, and I couldn't go because I had to go back to work this week. *sob* So here I am, falling ill and all alone right now. Hubby has to work 13 hours today. :( Bextra doesn't seem to help with a flu-induced headache though. Damn.

Where are my priorities? I've bought the refrigerator and washing machine already. Heh heh. I asked HC ... she has gotten her house already and has done up the place, painting, kitchen, lights etc ... so I asked her if she'd bought her fridge and washing machine. Huh? What do you mean no? Waah .. and here I am, when I've not even cleared the defects, buying so much stuffs for my place. *bleah*

I've gotten the hang of this correspondence chess thingy. Who wouldn't if you were playing 20 games in total consecutively? It gets kinda overwhelming actually. Trying to remember what the heck you were doing on a certain board, and what you were actually planning to do. Now I need to spend a little more time thinking, since I've gotten over the opening for most of the games. Playing crap though. I kept forgetting what I was doing, can't think more than one move ahead! See, that's why I still prefernormal OTB. :P

Must go and try out hubby's new skates soon! :)

Oh ... and one last thing. I HATE CUTTING GARLIC! Now my fingers stink of raw garlic. Arrgh. And that was from Monday. double arrgh.

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