Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Butterflies in the tummy

Noooo ... it's not because I had a late lunch .... ohhh, I've not had this feeling for a looonnng time now. It's because of the current chess game I'm playing! So much for correspondence chess. Opponent is currently online, and we are playing moves like any other standard game. It's so exciting! Cos I'm doing all the attack right now in the first game ... is there a checkmate coming soon? Maybe not, it's really too complicated, and I'm not exactly winning either. I'm waiting to see what he moves next. In the second game, I was one pawn down all the way, BUT ... I've just taken back a pawn .. oh, make that TWO. hahaa. The tables have turned!


Shucks ... opponent last move was 10 minutes ago. Seems like he has gone offline. That is the problem of correspondence chess. It takes too bloody long. My blood is boiling! I must try to remember what I was attacking the next time. Ah well ... any challenges anyone? :) My fingers itch to play again!

I think I ought to go clean up my room istead of waiting for the next move which is unlikely to happen so soon. Opponent is losing in the 2nd game but 1st game still unclear. :P

Okie ... so I'm going to be a blatent show-off. Nahh .. I'm just bored and waiting for opponent to make his next move. Here're the games that were giving me butterflies.

Game One:

Opponent has just moved his knight from g3 to h5. In my humble opinion, that was a blunder on his part? because after queen checks ... he'll lose his knight for sure now, won't he? I was expecting him to have played knight e2 instead, which I will then have to think what to do next. It's all very tricky. I didn't dare to sacrifice my pieces earlier because I couldn't tell for sure there's a forced mate. But after I win a pawn, things started to roll. Before that, I was kinda hopelessly fumbling in the dark. damn.

Game Two:

Heh heh ... all I can say is that he's now cooked for sure. Earlier on, he was actually one pawn up. *bleah* Mate in four coming right up! Can you see it? :P

Pats self on back. :P :P :P

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