Friday, November 26, 2004

Chess and the Art of Winning Losing

I had a scare earlier. My keyboard conked out on me and I thought it was spoilt. Good thing there's hubby. Just a few words from him and it's all right now. :) Okie, so it had to do with the batteries, but I didn't know to reset it after that. High5 for my dear. :)

Xena's blog is finally up! Yay. Oki, so I'm a rabid fan of her blog. She writes very well and very funny. She went horse-ridding and flew with turtles! Wow. I'm so envious. Nice photos! Looks really fun! Okie, quite ... nothing beats being with hubby actually. heh heh. *bleah* Well, about horse-riding, it's really quite hard to kick the horse to tell it which way to turn. Their skin are really thick! When I rode a horse last year, I was afraid that kicking it too hard will cause it to blot. What we did was to pull the reins - a tug on the right to turn right, on the left to turn left and both to stop. And kicking it is supposed to make it go faster only it made them annoyed. Didn't you do it this way, Xena?

Anyway, here is another boring post on chess. It feels so shitty when one makes blunder after blunder. Remember the game I wrote that I gave a free bishop? Here's the position right now:

It's a bit hard to go back a few moves. One has to PAY to become a full member to access the more priviliged stuffs. But there was something earlier which I did not see till I made another move. No, that is not correct. I had considered that particular move, but I did not analyse it in depth and simply brushed it off, only until I made another move and realised that the move which I had brushed off can actually win back a piece and probably equalise the game. Bloody freaking idiot me. I'm now busy kicking myself for not being thorough enough. Hubby offered to kick my butt for me. Thanks :P.

So right now I have to think extremely hard. I have a plan which could perhaps win back my piece and gain an advantage and perhaps lead to a forced mate. :P But it's so damn hard to stare at the board and think five six moves ahead, and I'm getting a bloody headache over this. I'm kicking myself for not being more serious earlier and for being so serious right now to win this bloody irritating game. It's a gambit I'm going to have to make, and I'm not sure if opponent will fall for it. If he does, he will end up where I want him to. If he doesn't, I'll get back my bishop but lose the momentum of the attack. Damn damn damn. What should I do?

Decisions are hard to make when playing chess. I'm someone who is extremely indicisive. Ask Wen about me and she'll definitely roll her eyes. :P I took one whole day and many phone calls to decide whether to buy a 5kg washing machine or a 8kg one. :P I couldn't make up my mind when it comes to many things. So it's a strange thing actually that I like playing chess. But one thing I've learnt from all these chess playing is that once I've made my move, there's no way I can change my mind. And there's no point regretting it ... except that you can kick yourself black and blue after that. :P

Actually I prefer people to tell me what to do instead of making decisions on my own. I'm just that lazy. :P

I'm going to have to set up my chess board and go through the variations carefully.


I've made too many blunders and there's no way to win this game. :(

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