Friday, November 26, 2004

Being Independent

I'll never be independent if I stay with my parents. Why would I want to do something when there's someone to do it for me? Would I ever learn to do things on my own? Would I ever try to survive and learn how to overcome obstacles and be overwhelm with domestic problems? I won't be able to experience all these, whether they're good or bad, if I live with parents. It's just not me to be independent because I'm just too lazy for my own good.

That's why, in a way ... I'm looking forward to living with hubby, just the two of us. Things may be difficult, but I want to learn to cope. I take it as a challenge, just like a chess game. It's gets exciting when it becomes challenging. :P Then I know what it is I can actually do, and what it is that I cannot do.

On Monday, my parents were away and I decided to cook for myself and hubby. Due to a miscalculation in my time, I ended up with about an hour to get everything ready. There's always a first time in anything right? I dumped the frozen chicken into the microwave oven to defrost. Not sure if people do things that way, but there's a defrost button there. Usually mom would dump the frozen chicken into a basin of water and let it defrost for an hour or so. Wah. By trial and error, I think it took a total of about 2 minutes + 2 minutes + 2 minutes to defrost. *scratch head* How the hell would I know how much time is needed? Then I decided to DEBONE the chicken. This is probably the third time I'm ever doing this, and it's not really easy when the chicken is not really that soft yet. And I'm only working on the thighs. Wah. There were times when I simply felt like throwing the knife down and tear off the meat with my teeth and nails. But I controlled my carnivorous instinct. So after a few more cuts on my fingers, I finally managed to get most meat off the bones. *whew*

Cooking is always easy. It is the preparation that takes up most of the time. And I really hated the smell of raw garlic on my fingers. It's a good thing that mom cleaned the meat before putting them into deep freeze. I can imagine the amount of work required if one were to go to the market, get the stuffs, cleaned them, cooked etc. Would I ever be able to do it?

But at the end of the day, when I finally got everything done, and drove down to hubby with a hot dinner ... the feeling is wonderously good. :) And I managed to throw in a car-wash too. Car was sparkling clean. It just felt wonderfully good. :)

Older brother cooked beef steak the next day and set the kitchen on fire. :P

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