Wednesday, November 10, 2004


What do I see when I get home, on my desk? A piece of paper on it scribbed the words, Meeting this Friday. What the .. bloody hell? Is it this Friday? I don't want to go for a meeting! It's so bloody f***ing unfair!!! Why?! WHY?!?!?! WHY!!!??!?!!! BOo HoO HooOOoo :( :( :( :( I had plans on Friday! I don't want to go ... arrrgh. :(

Now I am feeling depressed.

So bloody freaking stupid.


This is truely EVIL.

I quote:
...And Xena will be away for the long holidays - tormenting nice horsies in Johor and then moving on to Dayang to chase manta rays and sperm whales :)

Horses?!?! HORSES?!?!!! I'm sooo jealous!!! And manta rays and whales?! WAAAaaaah!! Sounds truely bliss. Tormenting me!! *SULK*

And I was just talking to my friend in Kaz about ice-skating in the OPEN, a frozen lake with mountains surrounding it!! WAAAAAAH :(

Everyone seems to be going away for their holidays! Me? I have no holidays to speak of. Have to be on bloody stand by for bloody freaking work. And my Dec hols are also quite ruined as well, because everything still not settled back at work. This is so bloody freaking idiotic. Today is a baaaaddd day. I want to get out of the country too.

*lie on floor and throws tantrums*

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