Tuesday, October 05, 2004

What does that mean?

I haven't been feeling up to bloging for a while, mainly because of two reasons. One, I just didn't really feel like it. And two, no internet connection for me for the past few days. Two happened because of a quarrel with younger brother. He pulled out the plug after that and I was just too lazy to fix it back, until a while ago. We are pretty much the same type, so when tempers flare, we do get really angry. We're still not talking to each other yet, and I'm not sure I really want to. Anyway, it was rather nice not to have internet connection for a while. Hubby and I had more time to sleep. heh. And more time spent on each other. Gosh, the evils of internet addiction. Perhaps I'll pull the plug out and disconnect the network again after this. :P

Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I set up the network right now. I still feel that it is much better without it.


There's something I'd like to write about, but I think it's too private to do so. Work-related. It's kinda upsetting, but it doesn't bother me very much, but it just makes me wonder what it is all about. I'm starting to get very paranoid at work. I do hope I'll be happier next time.

My head is still aching on one side, though very slight, even after taking bextra. And I shouldn't even be here, blogging. :P

Yesterday I cooked beef with asparagus for hubby (and family) ... and I wanted to dig out one of my cookbooks for reference. So I opened up my cupboard and decided that I might as well tidy up the shelves where all my books were.

Bad choice.

The shelf was falling apart actually, since the books on the upper shelf were sooo heavy. So I started taking out all the books from the top shelf.

Which was also a bad mistake.

I have too many books.

My back ache after that.
My neck ache after that.
My head ache after that.
And my room became a horrible mess.

Then I removed the extremely heavy plank seprating the two shelves. It was no mean feat. Then I removed all the books from the bottom shelf.

Textbooks are damn heavy.
Magazines are also heavy.
Nice books with illustrations are ridiculously heavy.

After that I dumped everything back trying to stack them as nice as possible. Something bit me on my backside. It must have come out from all the books.

And I did find the cookbook I wanted, which I didn't really use it. I cook from my own imagination after all. heh.

I must resist buying anymore books till I get my new house.
And clothes as well. And shoes.

I need new shoes.

I have kept all my books from when I was young. There were Enid Blyton stuffs, lots of Puffin books, and Penguin books, Agatha Christie, I didn't know I had so many of that! And lots and lots of books! I'm not sure how I'm going to move them all next time.

I can never throw away or give away my precious books.

And I really need some nice comfortable shoes. Shoes which look nice aren't very comfortable. Shoes which are nice and comfortable are too expensive. My current nice and comfy shoes are getting extremely worn out. I need something to replace that soon. Ahh, the trials (thrills) of buying shoes!

A few of days ago, a couple of my dear boys, the least possible people ever I would thought, did something so lame ... that I still cannot believe it. Both of them were like way beyond my puny height, extremely dependable and mature boys, and I just left them a class ago when next I saw both of them at the office, one of them having had to go home. Because the two of them were somewhat playing, one grabbing the other by the little finger, and the other suddenly turned, twisted and broke his little finger.

Such things really do happen.


And now he is in a cast and even had to go for an operation for that.


Just that little finger.

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