Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is it swap or swop?

I still think it's swap, but the corresponder wrote as swop. And I'm too lazy to check the correct word.

They put me down for so many responsibilities that there were inevitable clashes, which I nicely pointed out to her. Instead of appreciating the fact that I brought the problem to her attention EARLY, which I could have actually waited till the day itself and offhandedly saying, hey ... sorry but I'm down for this other and it takes precedance over yours, she seemed quite annoyed with me, feeling that I'm causing her more trouble. Hey, it's not my fault that I'm down for so many things right? It was your oversight that you missed this one, and no one wanted to know about the swap I had to do, and you did not consult me about the whole thing, so ... why be unhappy with me?

It's a conspiracy out there to make things bad for me.


I console myself. Stress in the workplace makes everyone unhappy. I shall not fall into that trap. As someone else would have said, bah. And the flick of my wrist.


I've got much better things to do like below.

I've just finished reading 'Dancing Naked in the Mind Field' by Dr Kary Mullis. (in about four hours, now I have a damn neck ache) He was a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1993. More about him here. He certainly makes Science so much more interesting. Gee, being able to cook up chemicals in your own garage like that! Who wouldn't be interested in Chemistry! And he does have rather controversal ideas about Science and stuffs. I'd like to read some parts of the book again. So I'll put down my ideas about some things later. Most interesting really. Right now I'm feeling over-saturated. Zombified.

Hmm, I think I might go and attend some more workshops on biochemistry. Did a few so far, but too superficial. Perhaps I should do more readups. One more thing to do. :)

I've ran out of chocolates for a while. It's getting into me. The last time I had nice chocolates were from Leonidas which I had finished last week, which seemed like a bloody long time ago! Too long!. I need something sweet especially after dinner. Usually I'd just pop one or two in my mouth after lunch or dinner and that is enough sugar for me for the whole day. There's also no chocolates at work. I've finished my secret cache long ago and haven't felt hungry enough to buy chocolates when I went shopping. :P The problem with me is that I only buy unnecessary stuffs when I'm hungry. And I haven't been hungry and shopping lately. It works this way. When I'm hungry and shopping in the supermarket, I tend to buy chocolates and cookies and many other stuffs. And when I'm depressed and stressed or unhappy, I'll be buying clothes. Whoops. Maybe I should just stay at home and read my books. :P

Oh, and I've also finished another Agatha Christie book today. A collection of short stories which I've borrowed from a student whom I recommended AC to her. Finished that in about four hours too. No wonder my neck and shoulders were aching like crazy!

I think right now I'm starting on the reading books cycle. A few weeks ago it was the watching anime cycle. A few months back, it was gunbound cycle. I need to get back to the studying Japanese cycle. I've went to Kino and bought nice coloured files, pretty highlighters and other cute stationary. I'll need to start making notes and do more revision on them!

And the most important thing I actually need to do is to clear the clutter on my work desk. It is depressing and stressful to work in a small enclosed area which is super untidy. I'm having problems finding stuffs in the minefield of papers. I really really need to do something about it, which I tell myself each time I had to wade through the piles of rubbish to look for something I think it was vaguely there. But how to tidy the place when there's no place to put the stuffs? I can't jolly well throw everything away ... or can I? :P When is my new house going to be ready so that I can transfer all my rubbish there and sort them out? I need space! Space! Space which is what the authorities refused to give! Why are they making all the new flats so tiny? And now they complain they can't sell the big ones out. That's because they're too damn far and expensive. Really.


I'm complaining too much now.

I miss my cat. Reading razz's cats, I really missed my dear affectionate cat.


On Sunday, we went to Wen's place for dinner. She said I'm always falling sick and she told me to drink more soup which her mom makes. We had a wonderful dinner there! Too bad there was no birds' nest soup. humf. Her mom's cooking was really good. Some of her dishes are nicer than my parents' but some, I think my parents do better. :) Biscuit was all over us for scraps from the dining table. He must think men are sucker for his meltingly beautiful big eyes. He kept staring at hubby waiting for him to feed him. Heh. Biscuit stuck his head in between our chairs and looked at us so soulfully, but all hubby did was to cup his hand over his snout and teased him. :P

For supper, we had ice-cream. I could never resist a little sweet stuff. When I was washing the cups after that, Biscuit came round to the kitchen to see what I was doing. Since there was no one around, I quickly scrapped off some ice-cream from the cups and had him licking the spoon clean. Ohhh .... I'm Bis's favourite person immediately! heh ... and don't ever tell Wen that! :P After that, Bis was extremely good and did all I asked, stay, sit (shucks I forgot roll over) ... but there was no more of that nice tiramisu. heh. Wen passed me some of his usual treat, but it's just not the same as that nice heavenly tiramisu eh? heh heh.

All in all, Bis is an extremely well-behaved dog that even hubby likes him a lot. Considering he's more of a cat person. It's really nice to have a pet around the house, but a lot of work and responsibility have to go into it as well. I know Wen spent a lot of time and effort to make Bis what he is right now. I'm not sure if hubby and I have the same amount of patience and time to take care of animals. For all the times we played with Cat, she was more of an independent creature who was simply affectionate and loved us. A well-behaved and intelligent dog would be a different thing all together. Anyway, I just want to have my Cat back, she who lets me grab her leg and flop down by my side when I do so. Perhaps we'll just have to sacrifice the furniture for that.

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