Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday 17th October 2004

One of my students lost his father a week ago to lung cancer. The boy has always been a cheerful, quiet and hardworking student and when I saw him last Friday, it was sad to see him looking so thin and withdrawn. I have not taught him for more than six months already, but I always remember him as a quiet boy who has a sweet grin. He does his work with pride and has the nicest handwriting ever. I have this memory in my mind: sometimes he would come up to the front of my desk and hung around there till I gave him a quizzical look and he'll just grinned at me. And he'll always grins when he gets a star for his test paper. They always do that, coming up to my desk and chat with me, especially after the exams last year. And he always seems happy in his quiet way. Six months is a long time, and they've all grown up tall. He still smiles sometimes, a little awkwardly, but one can see the sadness in his eyes.

I wish we could do this in spore.

Remember, when we were in JC, we once thought of doing this. Was it YS's or Lin's idea? Set up a few tables down Orchard Road and get the boys and us to play with tourists and we'll charge them a few cents for our chess funds. heh heh. Perhaps it was something we should have done. It has been fun during those times.

Sometimes I miss playing chess. I remember the time I played with whathisname, and trashed him soundly with the royal fork, of rook, queen and king. I don't know who was more amazed. heh. I really missed all you people and the fun and joy and laughter over the boards.

Things to do today:
1. Get my ass down to yoga class.
2. Wash yoga mat. It's giving me rashes on my forehead.
3. Do report (mine, this time), which was actually due last Friday.
4. Sew my blouse (maybe I could get hubby to do this for me since he's really better at it! ;P)
5. Buy blades for hubby (?).
6. Go blading (?) or get hubby to go swimming.
7. Revise yesterday's Jap lesson.

Sunday 8pm

Have gone down to yoga class and stretch some muscles which I never dreamt of having. Did not wash yoga mat because it rained. Have not done report cos tomorrow still can do besides I did not bring appropriate references home. Did not sew blouse, cos hubby was busy. Rained, so did not go blading hence did not buy blades. Have not revise Jap lesson, will do so after dinner later if not tired.

Have done instead: wash car even though it rained. Just came back from car washing. Man ... I am tired. Helped hubby do some typing again else he'll take forever. Played some mozart, but fingers all atrophied. Tried to do some handstands but was pissed off by father's comments.

Found that I had put on two kilos before showering and realised that it was actually only one kilo (after showering). Must be all that dirt stuck on self. Still one kilo is a little too much. Have to try to maintain current weight. Eat less! Exercise more! Though BMI still below 19. heh heh.

Overall quite a normal day. Am rather bored at times. Wish to do new things, maybe meet more pple etc. Thinking of going for Tang Quartet Masterclass end of the month. It's free too! :)

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