Saturday, October 16, 2004

Driving tales #1456

I know ... the title isn't very original .. but like they say, plagarism is the best form of flattery. Besides I can't think of anything right now.

Today I parallel-parked. Ahem, perhaps there wasn't a car behind me and I just drove straight into the parking slot. But it was still a parallel parking slot. Anyone might just parked behind me right? And so someone did later. But let me continue ... mom told me not to park too close to the car in front of me, so that it might be easier to get out later. Sound advice eh? Heh ... she said that's what father always say. Mom does have wise words now and then, although she doesn't drive herself. Always told me that she was too scared to drive a car. The last time she went for her driving lessons she was so frightened her arms and feet and everywhere starting sweating. Just looking at the rear mirror and seeing all the cars moving behind her freaked her out totally. She was so freaked out she played truant on the day of her exam. Well ....

And someone once told me (was it PM?) ... that once she had parallel parked, and when she went back to get her car after work, she found to her horror, the car behind her has parked absolutely too close to her! And she had parked a bit close to the car in front of her as well. And so she was completely stuck and couldn't get her car out. She so absolutely freaked out. So she waited in her car until one of the drivers came back to drive the car away. She said she waited FOUR hours in the hot sun! And it was after her night duty as well. And she said she absolutely couldn't go anywhere just in case anyone from the two cars which sandwiched her came and drove away then what if someone else came in while she was away. Err ... sounds quite logical, but ... waiting four hours in the hot car? And she couldn't even go to the washroom because she was so worried about leaving her car! After that she never parallel-parked ever again.

Okie, lesson learnt. :P Though it does sound a bit drama. It really does sound like her eh? :P

I must admit I was a bit nervous when I had to drive the car out from the parallel slot after someone came and parked behind me. Good thing I stopped about one quarter a car length from the front car, so I could move out quite easily. I can never forget PM's story, and I really don't want to be stuck in a car for four hours in the hot sun. heh heh.

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