Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Of dreams and addictions

Someone once wrote about dreams being so real they seemed real. I know how that feels like. Sometimes I would dream that I woke up and start doing the things I do when I woke up. It's like I could see everything I was doing. And it would seem so real, that I would be so surprised that I had to wake up again! I couldn't tell that I was dreaming, and it can be quite scary sometimes, because these strange dreams usually happen when I was so tired my physical body just cannot wake up. This had happened a few times already, and I've conditioned my body to know that it was just a dream. The last time this kind of dream happened, part of me yelled at myself to wake up. I distinctly heard myself yelling, and part of my brain answered back, okie .. I'm awake ... which I then proceed to get out of bed and started walking around, only to realised that I was still sleeping.


Sometimes my dreams felt so real, I woke up with all the emotions intact. I remembered once I dreamt I was angry with my brother and when I awoke I was so angry I wanted to run to his room and punch him. Then there were dreams where I dreamt that my parents were killed in a car accident drving in M and I would wake up in fear and tears. The one which remained clearly in my mind was this dream of running along an unending corridor where the walls were painted white and the lights overhead were cold bright fluorescent lamps. I don't know why but it was just simply terrifying. After which I woke up to a fever. Most of the dreams occurred when I was very young, except for the dreaming out of the body experience. And dreams are usually more intense when my body is especially tired.


Confessions of a Gamer Girl

Once upon a time, I too was very much addicted to computer games.

to be continued.

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