Wednesday, October 20, 2004

So who did what?

I've just caught Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Whhheeee! It's sooo nice! Cool Movie! Extremely exciting! And Jude Law is sooo jude! So cool! I've liked him ever since I saw him in A.I. Although he does look rather weird in there. But he's kinda cute. GP looked rather old, with all that thick make-up, but she's good too! She really does all that jealousy thing to a fine art! See her pinched face and that murderous glare ... I love it when she punched him back. heh. I don't like AJ though. She's ugly. Who says her thick lips are sexy? Even hubby agrees with me about those lips of hers. Euuugh. What are people thinking of when they say they look sulty? It's simply too much!

Anyway, Sky Captain was way cool! Loved it! Reminded me of a cartoon or an animation. With all that superb graphics. Hubby said it was written and directed by a geek. Ohhh, no wonder the whole movie felt rather geeky, but it's still nice! Especailly with the cast. There are a lot of similarities though. You know ... like superman hero kind, star wars, death varder, that wathisname in episode 1, Lord of the Rings etc. The robots with the long arms reminded me of a japanese animation I saw before, by studio ghibli. But who cares, it's nice, from beginning to the end. The dialogue was pretty funny, not at all lame, surprisingly. Must be cos' the Jude and Gwyneth were great together. :) Lovely indeed.

So do you think they did what they said they did? Or was she just jealous so she said it and he shoot back? LOL ... who knows? ;)

And finally, I simply love that innocent bright-eyed look Jude gave Gwyneth right at the end. Lens Cover. Perfect.


Next stop: Manchurian Candidate.

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