Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday's blues, greens and golds

I was so pissed off with someone today, I felt like screaming at him and giving him a punch stright to his irritating ugly face.

But I controlled myself. So I shall write here to simmer.

Everyone was annoyed with him actually. The marks were not in yet because he did not do his part. This is not the first time. Everytime he would be the one holding up everyone. And I was angry because I had already done part of his work for him and he still couldn't complete what he was supposed to do. This morning, I rushed through helping him and I thought I had finished, only to find, upon checking ... that one more section was not in. That was the straw which broke the camel's back or whatever. Hubby was explaining to me about the proverb which I read somewhere but couldn't really remember. Back. So I was really fuming away because I have other important things to do. He was so totally irresponsible and so completely late. *rolls eyes*

And him stressed? My foot. While we were all rushing our responsibilities for the past few days, what was he doing? Going around talking and laughing and having fun. I told him last Friday to finish his work when I saw him joking around with the students, but ... what? nooo ... he has to do it this morning and make everyone annoyed with him. They say he stays back till very late everyday. Yeah right, damn inefficient if he stays back till late and no work is done. And it's not only the marks, the markings as well. Damnit.

Damn him to hell and may he rot there forever.


I could have just washed my hands off everything because it was not my business, let him be scolded, but it doesn't solve anything and it's just so irritating. And he'll hide somewhere and no one could find him. Ohh, I'm just so mad for the rest of the day, I couldn't get any more work done back in office. Damnit damnit damnit.

So as you can see, I wasn't in a very good mood today. My hp rang on my way back and it's one of those irritating pesky bank people who wants you to borrow money from them. No better than loansharks.

He was trying to tell me something about funds transfer and cashline and credit card thingy. And he can't even get to the point. Just went round and round. I was annoyed because 1. he was eating up my precious expensive talk time on my hp, 2. my hp wasn't working very well and the battery could die any minute and he still couldn't get to the point.

Finally I managed to understand what he was trying to say after he went round the bush (like those indian movies) three times. Apparently if I used this funds transfer thingy, I can obtain credit at a lower interest rate. I told him in no uncertain terms that I have no intention of 'borrowing' money from the bank and I always pay my credit bills in full (which part did he not understand?), but he still went on and on.

So he said enthusiastically, 'So you see, you can actually use the *insert appropiate bank terminology* and obtain credit at abc%, instead of at xyz%!'

I was sooo tempted to reply, 'Ohh, am I supposed to go gaga over that lower interest rate?'

Yeah right.

Instead I was nice and said, 'err, ok.' and okies and okies and okies just to shut him up.

And he still didn't get it that I am not going to do business with him. DUH. How thick-headed can an idiot be?

I need a nice hot meal to cheer myself up. I can't do anymore shopping because I've already spent too much. :(

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