Monday, October 25, 2004

Driving woes #5367

I was driving at 110km/h in the innermost lane and people were still overtaking and zooming past me on my left (the slower lane). These people sure are crazy! Driving at such a fast speed was already making me rather nervous. I gripped the steering wheel tightly and had my full attention on the road. How easy it was to simply flick the wrist and send the car hurtling into the centre divider. I can imagine the car somersaulting in the air, hitting a poor tree and bursting into flames (the car, not the tree, trees and tougher than that!). I must be really careful on the roads.

Driving on the highway here is sometimes a bit crazy. The speed limit is at 90km/h and I'm comfortable with that. The problem is that you can't really drive at that limit for any amount of time. If you drive at that speed in the 2nd lane to the innermost lane, you'd definitely be held up by people driving slower than that, and eventually you've have to overtake them. If you drive at that speed in the innermost lane, there will be people at your bumper and it's damn dangerous. I don't like to weave in and out of traffic. All I want is to stay on a lane and fix my speed at 90km/h and I'm happy. Is that too much to ask for sometimes?

Sometimes I wonder how it is like to have a mental breakdown. Me, for sure, will never get one. I'm too bo-chup for anything. At most, I'll get angry, scream and stomp and wave my arms wildly and forget about it the next minute. Or when I'm stressed, I'll just drop everything like a hot potato and read my books or talk to hubby. Hubby is good to talk to. I felt so much better after telling him what happened at work today. He just have to be there to cheer me up, plus I feel so happy knowing that he appreciates the dinner I cooked for him. :) That's all it takes to take away stress from me. Even when I'm feeling down or depressed, just having him close by works wonders. And of course, hugging his cat, which smells strongly of him. :P

My colleague has been away for a week and will continue to be on medical leave for a few more weeks. I wonder how she is. Tried smsing her but there was no reply. I hope she is coping well. I still don't understand what's wrong with her, even though we spoke at length. I thought I could help by lending a listening ear, but it doesn't seem to do much good at all. Ah well. People work differently, I guess.

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