Friday, October 08, 2004

Me and my ...

The two most important decisions a woman has to make in life are about her shoes and her hair. For me at least. hahaha. I'm becoming bimbotic.

Yeah right, I'll be hearing someone shreking I'm too geeky to be bimbotic. hahah.

Shoes. I need nice comfy shoes, made of leather. Preferably calf leather. One inch heels would be nice, two might be too high unless they're really well made. Leather, especially good quality leather is important because my feet can 'breathe' in them. Synthetic materials only cause me feet to sweat and get real stinky. I don't wear stockings or socks. It's hot enough (and humid) and I don't get to enjoy the aircon as much as I'd love to!

Nice comfy shoes which can last a long time. Must look pretty as well! heh. Did I mention I'm extremely fussy with what I wear? Tods shoes are really good! I shall wait for the year end sale and get one! Sandals are usually too frivolous to wear for work. And they are simply too fragile for me big ugly feet! I need solid looking shoes which should also look nice and elegant and be extremely comfortable! That's all I ask for, serious! And it's so damn hard to find them. I need shoes I can chase my students in, as well as chase the bus in; I need shoes I can run up two steps of stairs at a time, and run down two as well as jumping down to the bottom. I need shoes where I can run, hop, skip and at the end of the day, last me ten years and not become alligator jaws. That's all I'm looking for.


Open toed shoes would be nice too, if only I can find something with all of the above. Nice, elegant, comfortable shoes. Right now, I have two extremely comfortable pairs, one closed shoe, another open toed shoes, both extremely expensive, both which satisfy all my conditions and I'm wearing them thin. I need to look for new ones soon! :P

Hair ...
Urgh. Isn't it always a headache when it comes to the crown of the glory? I need to do something about my hair. Just got it trimmed, and I'm not sure I really liked it. It's kinda dry and frizzy now. And flat. How can one has nice bouncy shiny thick hair?


Oh, and I've forgotten ... glasses are just as important. I need to get a nice one which will make me look professional and not childish. One which will make me look nice and not fierce. Decisions, decisions, decisions ... I need an image change!


On a sidenote, one night (or rather one early morning), I thought I saw something strange in the cup of milo my bro left by his bedside table. I switched on the lights to take a clearer look. It was ... so utterly gross! There was a huge something floating at the top of the half-drunk drink. Eeeeugh. It turned out to be a HUGE cockroach which drowned in his drink! Eeeeuugh!!! Now we know what crawls out in the dark when you are sleeping! That's why I always keep my windows and doors close! Eeeeugh! And I just remembered yesterday I had blackcurrent and aloe vera fruit tree juice in that self-same cup! Eeeeeuuuugggh! pfft pfft. It's a bit too late now though.

pfft pfft.


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