Saturday, October 09, 2004

Being Domesticated.

Today I sewed my first button ever. Sewing is the bane of my life. I can't think why, now I know. Now, buttons are the easiest possible right? What could go wrong? Three quarters through completion, I suddenly realised that people sewed buttons criss-cross and not vertical-vertical, or horizontal-horizontal, depending on how you tilt your head. Awww shucks ... so I remedied by adding a couple of extra criss-crosses. Well, this button is one which is not going to fall off in a hurry! heh ... Hubby has been saying he will sew his own button for a long time, I'm just helping him, being a good wifey as it is. heh heh. One down! Onward march! More buttons for me!!

Hubby sews very well. He gets extra training you see. Sewing up all those people and cats. yikes. gross. He's good with little needles. I hate needles, always getting poked painfully. Give me knitting anytime! To take up the challenge of sewing, once a few years back, I went big time into cross-stitching. Did two beautiful works of Pooh (as in cute Pooh Bear). One for Min and one for me. Hmm, I haven't framed mine yet. Min was supposed to show me how I framed hers the last time ... *tap feet*, so that I can do the same for mine. Oi. :P

Back to sewing, cross-stitch was easier cos' the needles were bigger and less blunt. And I reaslied one important thing about me which affects why I hate sewing. Sewing has got no order. It's damn messy. There's no guiding lines or holes for you to place the needle and thread in exactly. The stitches end up being uneven sometimes, and the back of the cloth ... ends up like a hay nest! Arrgh. And the thread keeps getting all tangled up. Arrgh. When I did my cross-stitch, I was a perfectionist. Every stitch was as equal in length as possible. Every hanging thread was sewn in properly. Left then right. Left then right. The back of the cross-stitch was just as neat as the front! One colleague even expressed amazement at my neatness! heh. That's the way it should be done. No wonder I dislike sewing.

And we aren't talking about the sewing machines yet. Let's just say me and sewing machines are not exactly fated to be together. I swear they hate me! *shiver*

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