Friday, October 08, 2004

Familiar faces

Walking down the busy street today, I saw a couple of familiar faces. One was a friend, I think. It was only a split second, I'm not definitely sure but it sure looks rather familiar. Another looked like a ex-piano teacher of mine. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. I can always remember faces. They just seem very familiar, but sometimes I don't know who the faces belong to, or where I've seen them.

Strange me.

The weather has been extremely hot these few days. The sun glared mercilessly down my back. It's good to stay in air-con shopping centres and window shop. But it's not a good idea if this turns out to be another spending money time. I bought a very nice red blouse today and a very nice skirt. heh.

I think I should just stay at home and hug my two cats and go to sleep. I've got two cats now. One is hubby's. We called him Roundo Neko (meaning round cat) and other is mine, which we called her Flatze Kaeto (meaning flat cat). Roundo Neko has a round nose, and Flatze Kaeto has a flat nose. They are both of the same colour and extremely huggable. Roundo Neko needs to be sunned from time to time, cos' he somewhat stinks sometimes, but I like the smell of Roundo Neko. He reminds me of hubby, especially when hubby's not around. When hubby gets me a digicam, I shall put some photos of my two dear cats up here. :)

My Adobe photoshop Elements trial software has expired though.

Oh, and I mustn't forget my little small one which I carry around in my bag! heh heh. That one's really cute!

The more important things I actually need to get are a new pair of glasses and a new handphone. My handphone has been with me for four/five(?) years plus. They don't make them last nowadays. I take care of it so carefully but it doesn't help. The screen doesn't show up very often, and sometimes the sound gets cut off. Definitely time to change one ... but which one? I'm very fussy with my stuffs. :P

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