Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dreams Inc.

I had a strange dream today. I dreamt that I was doing partner yoga. Great poses, feelings of soaring and floating in the air. Total flexibility. Total freedom. Wonderful dream. Great workout in a dream. heh heh.

Earlier I had been reading an article in Yoga Journal: Enlightened Pampering. With pictures. Here's an excerpt:

I started by lying on my back with the therapist rocking my legs and feet, leading me gradually into a quieter state. As the session progressed, I was gently pulled and prodded, assisted into a heart-opening Cobra Pose, and even cradled in a relaxing embrace. The most memorable partner yoga exercise - a Bow Pose during which I laid back onto the therapist's feet and arched into a graceful semicircle - at first seemed more suited to a well-rehearsed circus performer, but my body was surprisingly supple and opened easily into the pose.

When I closed my eyes during the massage, I could've sworn that another massage therapist had snuck in - maybe that's because I knew that Body Enlightening is also offered as a four-handed therapy, meaning that two people work on you at once. But when I squinted through one eye, I was assured that there was only one therapist, expertly using her hands, feet and elbows to help enlighten by body.

Mmm .. yummy. :)

Had not been doing yoga for a while. Today's yoga session wasn't too heavy. Lots of people and a few beginners. What were those beginners doing in a general class? They couldn't even keep up! And they slowed the class down. We didn't even get to do handstand today. Ah well. Still it was good to stretch. I had been depressed lately.

Helped hubby finished his reports and letters. Lots of stuffs accomplished today. Tidied room, sewed buttons ... did not revise Jap though. Had a mid-term test yesterday. Felt like wringing my own neck for a few stupid mistakes I made. But we're much better now at the language, since we can even remember the questions after the test, which we couldn't have in the beginner's lessons! It means we do have a slightly better understanding of the language. And at least I could understand what the sentences meant! :)

Strange cat. Hubby just came out of the bathroom and realised that he forgot to soap himself. Went back to do so. Repeat and rinse. Rinse and repeat. heh heh heh.

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