Thursday, September 16, 2004

ouch ouch.

It rained yesterday. When the weather is cold, my arm will start to throb. My mom would always remind me that when I was a kid many many years ago, I had been an extremely naughty little girl. I was at that age which I should understand instructions and climbing up and down the double-deck bed pretending to be a pirate was certainly not a thing to do. Which I did not desist, so I fell and sprained my left arm. To this day, it aches when the weather turned cold.

So I stuck my very effective Japanese medicated plaster on my arm. When my therapist saw it, she asked me what the ... was that for? Me said, rheumatism, it certainly felt like that. Aha ... but people as young as I do not get rheumatism! So I told her the story, and she said she'll check it out for me later.

Which she did. It's like a sports injury to her. So she massaged the muscles. Scar tissue, did not heal properly last time, broken tissues, muscles knotted. press press press. I go to her for deep tissue massage. She really did her very best on my poor arm. She pressed damn hard into it. Every press emitted a shriek from me. It was like re-living the sprained arm all over again. You, reader, can never imagine how painful it could be.

ouch ouch ouch.

My arm was certainly swollen after that. The swelling has gone down a bit now. Going back for more therapy, but it certainly didn't throb today when it rained too.

Pain ... is sometimes a good thing. :P

Perhaps that was the reason why my arm can never take much weight. It was always a weak arm. Perhaps I'll be able to do the hand stand properly now. The last time I managed to go up with only a very slight help from my teacher, and I stayed up myself. heh.

V :)

Meeting ended very very very late today. After dinner and home, it's just enough for bed and nothing else. Unlike normal people when they work late, they don't have to get up that early. But ... it's still 5am for me as always. I definitely said too early when I said there's not much stress this term. *bleah*

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