Friday, September 17, 2004

Book Review. Bits and Pieces.

I had finished reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. After struggling through it for quite a while, I finally managed to get the momentum and rushed through the last bit till midnight last night, which was actually a struggle to keep the eyes open to read the next line.

Gosh, a difficult book to read. Why?

Because I wasn't very impressed with it at all. All the hype about it, and it being in the top and all that stuffs.

To be fair, it was quite interesting ... some of the ideas, I mean, but I believe those are not really something new. As a fictional thriller, all I can say is that it has failed badly. It is not exciting at all. Here are some points I take.
1. No excitement. Too much talk and explanation. Should be made as a documentary book rather than a thriller.
2. Very linear storyline and extremely predictable. I knew who the big bad boss was almost immediately. Ending was not a surprise, there was no climax nor any toe-curling suspense. Boring.
3. No character development. Bad guys weren't bad enough. Good guys ... well, were rather square. heh
4. Language tends to be bombastic, long-winded. Trys to be witty and punny, but I've read better. Trys too hard at times. Well, some bits are quite punny, but it's more lame than funny.

I think the only interesting bit which got people to be so keen on the book is really the controversal issues about Christianity and the Church. Which I will not comment since I know too little. There are many articles commenting on such issues, and I've not done any research yet. There are a lot of mysteries in this world, and a lot of 'truths' still not known yet. But even if one were to know something, how does one know that that is an absolute truth?

Anyway, I was saying, it does serve to kindle one's interest in theology but I rather read it as a non-fiction information text than make it into a story (that wasn't even exciting) which makes one wonder how much is really from his imagination. One of these days I must read some history. :P And also, it does make one longs to visit all those places of historical value. Ahh ... castles and dungeons, churches and gravestones. Old buildings filled with mysteries and wonders. There's so much wonder in the world to see!

But it was an interesting idea nonetheless. Hmm, if I can find out more about Da Vinci, maybe can try something totally fantasy but based on it? There are some authors out there who does that, and does it rather well. I think David Eddings is one of them. :P

Speaking of thrillers, I think I would like to look for the book 'The spy who comes in from the cold' by I can't remember who, and read it again. I remembered that was definitely one hell of an exciting book. :)

* * *
I'm coming down with sore-throat. If I try to finish the packet of chocolates I got at Leonidas, my throat will definitely be gone. Hmm, should I do that and take mc for Monday? hahaha. Especially since I'll be having an awful class on that day. :P But otherwise it's quite a good Monday. *laughs* We were 'critised' for taking too many mcs. Me? I've only taken five or six so far now. It's usually for sore-throat after my stupid amplifier broke down.

* * *
Give me Hunter X Hunter anytime. One day when I'm free and idle, I shall put down the story. :) I love HxH!! Naruto is too disappointing now. Samurai 7 is promising, Monster is ... so-so. Hmmm ... what else? Still love Hunter X Hunter best! Yup. :) Hunter X Hunter rocks! :):)

* * *
No more idling tomorrow. Starting Intermediate 1 and gotta revise. I can't believe I've forgotten completely Katagana! Even have some problems remembering hiragana! Sheesh.

g o t .. t o . d r i n k . . . m o r e . w a t e r . . . . t o n i g h t ! ! ! :P

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