Wednesday, September 15, 2004

An idle day.

Some time back, I read someone's blog on her visit to Gil Shaham's concert. Damn, I kinda regreted not going, but the tickets were expensive (relatively speaking) and he was performing with the SSO. Ohh, I love Gil Shaham. In fact I got a few of his CDs, my favourite being The Fiddler of the Opera, how I would love to have him autograph it! But ... with the SSO ... it kinda spoilt the whole idea of going. You see, I've heard the SSO played a lot of times before. And they spoil the whole show, as easy as that. I had been to Noriko Ogawa's concert with the SSO. She's brillant, but SSO spoiled it. They are just not up to standard yet. There were some times when the orchestra simply could not keep in time. The strings were rushing and it all sounded as an awful mad house. SSO disapoints, again and again. And ever since I've heard the London Phil with Ashkenazy at the KLCC in M'sia, I simply cannot bear to sit down in another SSO concert.

I guess if Xel has been around, I might have gone since she doesn't really care who the orchestra is as long as it's her favourite artist playing. Hmmm

As I was saying the London Phil with Ashkenazy was the best concert I've ever been to in my this puny life. They were great! I think it has to do with the concert hall as well. Theirs were so so much better than the esplanade. The acoustics were better, and the tickets were cheapper too. heh. The music was heavenly, the orchestra 'sings' that whole night. And the most memorable piece was the Tchaikovsky's serenade. The most beautiful piece I've ever heard.

Strange how it is that the first time is always the sweetest and best.

I have to go see the doc to get myself medically certified. Tummy's being gurgling all day. :(

Little Hammie writes again! He ought to have a comments thingy. *mutter* I wonder how his tuition goes. Here's a tip for him. :)

When teaching young kids, the whole idea is not teaching per se, but rather 'playing' with them. They're still so young for goodness sake, why is there a need to cram and study so much? Ahem ...

I love to teach little kids(well, most little kids, some are simply too obnoxious and spoilt little brats and totally uncute), and the first thing to do before you can teach them is to charm them completely. Then you will have them wrap around your little fingers. And it'll be easy to teach them because they are keen to please you and if you make the teaching fun, they'll be keen to learn as well.

My hubby has many nieces and nephews, all very sweet and cute. I like them very much, and have managed to charm the three little girls. By teaching them to draw. The boys also got into the act and whenever I see them, they will be drawing away and keeping out of everyone else's toes. Whoever says drawing is not effective? :) And it's always fun to get kids to draw, because that is when their creativity comes in. It's sad that all we are concerned about it getting them to cram and making sure they got their As.

Perhaps Hammie could get them to tell stories ... you know, the continuing of story thingy (each a sentence), to get them to be interested in English. :) And Maths, can be very fun if you put them into games. I've got some ideas here, let me know if you need any! :)

I was thinking of hubby as I walked to the clinic this morning. And I realised that I am still continuously happily in love with him. I love him so much that it's hard to be impatient or angry with him. He looks at me with his crinky eyes and smiles his goofy smile sometimes and it makes it the most wonderful thing in the whole world. It's so comforting to come home and know that no matter how bad or awful a day it is, it really doesn't matter, because there's someone loving you. Each day is perfect just to wake up and see him as the first thing in the morning. He is like a mountain in the whirl of events. Solid, dependable and calm. Humourous and constant. And no matter how everything changes around me, I know that our love for each other is forever.


A thought suddenly struck me. I once wrote a poem about a mountain when I was in secondary school. Teacher said it was very good. I wonder where it is now. Damn. heh heh.

Feeling rather goofy today. Should start on my markings soon since I've taken a day off at work. But, I protest! I'm ill. :P

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