Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Observation of the day

Here in spore, the solution to all ills is to fine the people. Ha.

On the radio this morning, they said that they will not build barriers on the open platforms, since it would not deter those who really wish to jump. Instead the best solution is to FINE the people who step beyond the yellow lines. Oh wow. Like what if the train station were crowded, and people rush to board the train and someone gets jostled off the platform? And if a person really wishes to end his life, surely a palty fine will not cause him to change his mind? Hmm, I really wonder if they were thinking of the safety of the commuters or their pocket. I guess building plexi-glass walls and doors and air-con the whole platform would create a ridiculous big hole in their profit margin, and less for the dictators directors, which in turn will cause the fare to go up and up and up again. So there will be patrols instead and you get fine for putting yourself in danger, for eating and drinking, for spitting and littering etc. And spores being extremely money-minded will think twice of jumping in front of a train whether by choice or not. Yep.

I've been feeling very mildly depressed lately. I think I know the reason why. Being with hubby gives me a high, and when I'm on my own, there's a little loneliness creeping up behind me and sneaking in. I'm all right when I'm at work or at home, but nowadays when I'm out on my own, there's really something in the air which makes me miss him so much. I used to be able to shop on my own and enjoy it. Walk alone - window shop, eat alone with a book and so forth. I'm still able to do it, but like I said, I just feel that there's someone missing. :) Oh dear ... :P I'm definitely becoming old.

When I'm not with hubby, I'm usually on my own. Since all my friends are simply too busy with their own lifes. Wen has her dog and C. And everyone else is busy working or doing something else. When I'm stressed I'd like to go and take a walk, shop around and treat myself to a nice dinner. But nowadays it just doesn't seem so much fun on my own as with hubby. Dear hubby, I love you. :)

Or perhaps it's just that I haven't been out with any friends alone nowadays. It's always with hubby and other couples. The feeling of singlehood is slowly being over shadowed.

But it's still fun to shop alone, at least ... when I wasn't feeling too guilty about spending too much. :P

I just realised that I jumbled up the words just now. The feeling of singlehood is slowing over being shadowed. Eh?

I was reading shewhoshouldnotbenamed latest blog entry. I think that was one of her easiest post to read, since she actually wrote in a more readable language. heh. And I must say she has been rather brave to admit her mistakes and plan for a better future ahead. Anyway, she sure has many fans to encourage her! :) I wish some of my students would 'wake up' and realise what they are doing with their own lives. It's really hard to tell them certain things because right now in their lives, they just cannot understand how tough life can be.

I have a student who refuses to do his work, whether it is class work or homework and he is doing badly for all this subjects. We have spoken to him, we have spoken to his parents, but to no avail. His parents are rather rich so I guess he has always taken things for granted. His parents had somewhat given up hope on him achieving something from his studies. There's no point shouting at him or scolding him, he just takes everything in like a seeper. He told me once that he wanted to be a illustrator. I just hope that one day when he finally decides what he wants to do, he'll put in effort to do it well.

This is a very interesting article.

Once upon a time, when I knew a little about communism, I once thought that ... hey, it's definitely an ideal government! An ideal world! And when I learnt more about it, I realised that it is just an ideal, and like an ideal, it is not realistic. Because life is never fair. And people are greedy, selfish and are only interested in their own survival.

One thing for sure, I doubt I will ever touch 1984 by George Owell again. That book gave me the creeps. Worse than any horror books I've read. And what I remember of the book, I don't think it is really communism, it's more dicatoral and a prison world, which was not what communism really is, isn't it? Anyway, whatever government a country has, it really doesn't matter, does it? It's all about money after all. There's no room for ideals.

Last point. I like what he said about words. Man created words. Man. History is all words. The Bible is a book. Words lead to action, or lack of. Words are extremely powerful. Only man uses words to communicate. Animals don't. And words can lie or hide.


On the radio: Saint-Saens Carnival of Animals: Aquarium. By P Roge and C Ortiz (pf), London Sinfonieta, Dutoit. Eek. I want to get the cd! :) Beautiful.

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