Monday, September 20, 2004

The good old days

Yesterday I met up with some old school friends. One of them is also my primary school friend, the first friend I made in the my new primary school. All three of us were from different classes in secondary school. And it's kinda amazing that we still remain 'in touch' after all these years.

The other has a nine month old baby girl and is expecting another. wow.

We talked about old times. It's so interesting to listen to their stories. In those times, the world revolved around oneself. I didn't know that there was so much happenings in my old school which I was unaware of! Hmm, maybe only vaguely aware.

We talked about the relief teacher my class tormented until he cried and resigned. HY said that everytime when that teacher went to her class, he would be in tears. My class indeed was notorious. Then again that teacher was rather inefficient and he couldn't teach very well anyway. heh.

Then there was another teacher who was gay. It was taboo in those times. Kind of tough on him actually. I thought he was pretty okie. Apparently there was a raid and he got caught or something. Some students in another class put up the newspaper cutting in their classroom and everyone knew about it (except me!) and he resigned. I didn't know that. I remembered being surprised that one day we had another new teacher.

I remembered during Chinese spelling tests, we always tried to find out the questions from the other classes who had taken the test. I remembered my Chinese teacher always sleeping at the back of the class when we had to do composition. I remembered one of my classmate always crying before getting back her tests and we got sick of her especially when sometimes she did better than us. I remembered our disciplinary mistress but I never got to cross path with her. Apparently HY and P had more stories about her than I knew. heh ... she must have broken quite a lot of rules! HY told me that in our year, all of us were considered the worst cohort in history. Really? *bleah*

Sometimes I felt that I had passed my secondary school days in a daze. I did not have many friends, and I never really bothered to make friends. People made friends with me and stuck with me, somehow. I did not like to stay in school very much. I remembered the long bus journey home where I would be reading a book or staring out of the windows looking at the trees and buildings. In those times, I think I spent most of my life reading and living in a different world. I think I also spent the majority of those times playing computer games. There was Ultima, AD&D and all sorts of interesting games which I played. I don't remember going for class-outings much, except for once where we visited our form teacher's place. And till now, I never kept in touch with any of my classmates!

I always felt like I'm an observer in my class. Aloof and watching, outside of the inner circle. At times, I would touch the surface and retreated back quietly. I wonder if any of my classmates remembered me. I had a cliche I used to hang out with, but again it seems just temporal, so fleeting. My physical self never seemed to be there, just a wisp of my shadow.

But I did have some photos. :)

I used to hang out with my primary school friend instead, but she went to another class. And she never really had time for me.

I remembered wandering around the corridors of the school. The school had very wide corridors, dark and gloomy, and full of ghost stories. On the second floor where the science labs were, there were shelves along the corridors. The shelves were filled with jars of preserved heads and organs, intestines and wierd creatures. Exactly out from a horror book. Cool eh? I love the old building. It was said that sometimes at night, the ceiling of the VP's room would drip with blood. And the library block was haunted. Many accidents occured during the construction of the library site, and a few people died. There was a curse in the land. And there was also a young girl who would walked in one of the blocks, after she jumped from that building. I remembered the times when I was in school early in the morning when it was still dark, and especially when it rained, we would draw the curtains in the classroom and tell ghost stories.

I remembered never having to do homework. :P Nor did I really studied much. heh. I remembered when it rained, the whole place would be flooded. Later when my father drove me to school, he had a special car which could jacked up higher and avoid the water entering the engines.

The good old days. :P

Nothing beats depression than retail therapy! Shopping! I got one black top and one dark brown top and two black skirts. That makes them black skirts two too many! Seems like dark colours are in now. Winter fashion, but why must everything be black?

I need to do more shopping. :P

Hubby needs to do his report soon. They don't teach them how to do a proper one. I mean, if we were to describe every visit, what would that be ... 20? 30? What if there were 100? Good grief! There must be an easier way of doing this. And not to mention having to decipher all the other people's illegible handwritings and scribbles. What is it with them? I asked hubby if he could read his own handwriting. Heh ... point taken. Thank goodness, I'm only the typist. But it's taking too damn long.

The good thing is that if I cannot read my students' handwriting, I would scrawl in red blood ink, in huge ugly letters from one end to the other end of the page. Untidy! Illegible! Too small! Cannot read!! redo!! and stuffs like that, and throw it back at them. No way am I going to squint and destroy my mind!

I think Hunter x Hunter has come to an end. After all, Gon seems to have met his father in the last episode. But there are still so many loose ends. There are still so many stories to be told. I think this anime is one of the best I've seen. It's fun, enjoyable, rather sad at times, thoughtful and most exciting. The story of Kurupica meeting the Spider Organisation at York Shin City is sooo cool! The music is fantastic when it came to his story. A tinge of sadness, a tinge of remembrance, a tinge of honour ... revenge is necessary, but he suffers with it. Was revenge necessary after all? Gon didn't like him to kill. And the ghosts came back to haunt him. It was just so sad. And what is going to happen to Leorio? What is his power going to be like? Are the four friends going to meet up again and help one another? Are they going to fight with Hisoka and the spiders? What is going to happen to the Spiders? Is Hisoka going to fight Kuroro? Is the prophecy going to be true? What is Kurupica going to do next? Was it really Gon's father at the end? What is the mysterious Killua's family doing? I'd like to learn more about his engimatic siblings. ahh ... So many more stories waiting to be told! :)

I hope the next installment, if any, is not going to be compromised ... in quality, of storyline as well as graphics.

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