Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lesson notes.

Japanese lesson today. New teacher was dead boring. tsumaranai. tmr. Dear hubby, only he can come up with such stuffs to make me remember! :) I bet we are her first class. She doesn't seem to know what to do at all! *sigh* ... mistake, if I had known there is going to be another class one month later, I'd have signed up for that one which I think would be taught by the 'crazy' teacher next door! :(

Today we learnt the potential verbs. to be able to (or can ...). And experience. have done, have eaten etc. Not very difficult yet. The pattern is there, so I guess it's much easier now.

Let me recall:
Group 1.
eg. go, iku
potential form: ikeru, ikerundesu (polite), ikemasu (polite); ikenai (negative), ikenaindesu (polite negative), ikemasen (polite negative).
meaning: can go, able to go; cannot go, is not able to go.

Group 2.
eg. eat, taberu
potential form: taberareru, taberarerundesu (poilte), taberaremasu (polite); taberarenai (negative), taberarenaindesu (polite negative), taberaremasen (polite negative).
meaning: can eat, able to eat; cannot eat, not able to eat.

eg. come, kuru
potential form: korareru, korarerundesu, koraremasu; korarenai, korarenaindesu, koraremasen

eg. do, suru
potential form: dekiru, dekirundesu, dekimasu; dekinai, dekinaindesu, dekimasen

And we aren't talking about past tense yet!

For experience, add koto ga aru to the ta form.
iku --> itta koto ga aru ndesu (I have gone/been)
taberu --> tabeta koto ga aru ndesu (I have eaten)
suru --> shita koto ga arimasu (I have done)

Bloody confusing.

And Kanji. Yucks. All the Chinese characters get mutated.
Qn: Why am I learning Japanese again?
Ans: Because I like animes and some Japanese music. :)

Ah well.

I'm definitely coming down with flu. Must have gotten it from mom.

I used to have a very prosaic view about friendship. As in, two's a company and three's a crowd. And that one person can only have one best friend in life. But I guess along the way, it all changed, and come to think of it, I don't think I care very much anymore.

I'm tired of keeping in touch with people. So imagine my surprise when a friend all the way from primary school called me up recently to chat up. And to meet up. with another from secondary school. Hmmm ... omoshiroi. I don't know what to say to them actually.

Nowadays I only need hubby. :P I seem to have lost touch with every other people.

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