Thursday, September 09, 2004

Amusing myself

I had just read swsnbn's blog on spore models being over-exposed. I must agree with that indeed! Too much ctrl-v followed by ctrl-c! hah. models and actresses. tsk tsk. again and again. every channel, every magazines, every posters etc. That's why spore is such a boring little place that everything has to be recycled. Even waste water. Hmm ...

There is actually a model agency which go around scouting for people on the street and getting them to work part time for some clients. My friend Wen got approached once, and the person in charged was such a sweet-talker, and friend was bored that day ... so with my instigation, she went and tried out for the audition. A few days later, they told her that she's accepted and off she went to shoot for some ad. She told me the shooting was a nightmare, from morning till night, without stopping. I didn't get to see her on TV, since I never watched TV anyway but with much pushing, she reluctantly showed me the whole series of ads. I thought she looked pretty good in it, for some at least, though her inexperience and nervousness showed. But still, the ad was tastefully done and it's actually interesting to see 'real' normal person instead of the usual faces in ads. That was the whole idea I guess. It's a pity I didn't get to see it in normal TV shows though.

I was actually approached once too but I turned down flat. Hmm, actually it was twice. haha. The first time, the girl actually chased after us to talk to me! Gosh, I was soooo flattered. hahaha. ... gee, they must be real desperate if they want to ask me to do an audition! DUH. I must improve my make-no-eye-contact technique more often and work on the keep-shaking-head-and-say-sorry-not-interested-plus-continue-to-walk technique too. On second thoughts, it might actually be fun to try it, but then again, I'm not easily swayed by people, they have to be real convincing ... and besides I doubt my work would permit it. heh. Anyway after hearing what Wen had to go through ... nah. She tried to instigate me to do it too, but she wasn't convincing enough. heh. *whew*

Besides the pay is not worth what I can get if I do give tuition. Hmm ... I should do that someday soon.

I digress.

Spore girls are mainly not pretty. This is mostly because our features are rather flat. Myself included. Damn, I got a small flat nose. hehh ... at least it isn't a BIG flat nose, which I'm thankful. :P Beauty and prettiness is in the structure of the skull, of the checkbones, of the structure of the nose and chin and all that. If you look around you, you'd see that the asian features aren't very high on such structures. True, there's always a few people with such sharp features. My parents are two of them .... gosh, I could show you a picture of my mom when she was 21, and you'd think she should be a model! She got the height too. Unfortunately, beautiful people do not necessary have beautiful and pretty kids. Damn. heh.

PM is another person whom I think has the required sharp features ... plus fair complexion. She is pretty. But she went to pluck her eyebrows herself!! *slaps forehead* Min ... if you do see her next time, tell her NOT to do it!! She's doing it wrongly too! I've told her ... very tactfully already. Oh dear oh dear ... I hope she doesn't do anything more to them!! Arrgh. Min, I think perhaps we should get her one of those Bobby Brown book or something for her birthday! :P You will know what I'm talking about when you see her next. Eyebrows should be slightly arched and not completely curved!

I won't say spore girls are ugly though. Not pretty, but neither ugly. Just plain, common ... doesn't stand out. And we tend to dress very very sloppy indeed. Blame the bloody weather. Hot and humid. Sure breakout one! Compare to our counterparts in Japan, I think Japanese girls always look very cool and unflustered. And they always dress nicely and prettily and they look good too! I wonder what is their secret. They looked totally cool in spore too! Sometimes when I'm in the mood, I try to dress nicely ... but it's just simply too hot, and I'll end up in my favourite spore's wear - the three sss, Shorts, t-Shirts and Slippers. heh.

Okie, I digress again.

I was going to write about spore models being overly repeated. Hmm ... I guess if you see them too often, with their ah-lianish long face and BIG teeth, it kinda gets one down. heh. Or maybe it's just the make-up. Or maybe that smile. *shiver*

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