Thursday, September 09, 2004


I can't believe how fast time flies. After coming back from holiday, I spent one entire day lying in bed and another day getting better. Already it's Thursday, more than half of my holiday is gone! Shessh.

I certainly have to start planning what to do for the rest of my holidays else I'm going to regret if I don't spend the time well.

Let's see. No emails nowadays. I used to have friends to write long letters to last time. There was once a friend whom we would write to each other very often. It was quite nice actually. But I guess we drifted apart. Then there was another email-pal whom we had been exchanging emails for donkey years, but he came to work in spore, and became so over-worked and there's nothing really to write about this place here. duh. I remembered when I was a kid, about nine or ten years old, I used to have a cool penpal. Her name, I can still remember, was Federick Ziller. Hmm, I think that was how it was spelt. She was from Switzerland and I got a lot of pretty cool stamps from there. heh. Sadly, we stopped writing after about three or four years. It was me ... I ran out of things to write about. I wonder where is she now, what she is doing and if she still remembers me. *sigh*

So now, I have no one to write to, I shall only write to my blog. Writing emails or having penfriends are actually rather fun. You get to hear about another person's point of view, about his/her different perspective in another world all together. Actually, we write about everyday little things. I missed that. Now, I only have myself to talk to ... in my boring little blog. *sigh*

But I digress, I was going to write about what I shall do for the rest of the holidays I have. :-)

I had messaged a colleague to ask if she would like to go blading with me, but no reply so that is on hold until further notice.

I had played a bit of the piano this morning, as a warm-up exercise before anyone woke up and especially before the TV was switched on. Afterwards if the house is quiet again, I shall practise the following pieces. 1. Chopin ballad No. 1. Aim: To perfect the playing from pg 2 to 9. Heavy practise needed on bars 33 and 103 onwards. Hmm, that isn't too ambitious right? Maybe try pg 10 as well. Think I've never gone beyond that yet. 2. Chopin Scherzo Op 31. Aim: To practise to perfect pg 1 to 4. I think I ought to buy the book though, it's easier to make notes. The schezo is actually quite easy to play, if one plays it adagio. :P Bloody presto though. DUH. 3. To re-practise bloody chopin fantasie nocturne. oh why oh why oh why did my idiotic fingers have to forget? :( 4. any other pieces up to my whim. I can play about 10 pieces to and fro, haphazardly. Maybe that's why I'm never able to really improve. And I need to get my gymopedies (sp?) back. hmmm ...

After I've bathed, I'll have to get them to switch off tv. ;P

Next up on agenda: practise the violin. Well, at least check if bloody violin is still in tune. Duh. Kinda regret stopping lessons, but the teacher was really bad. (yeah right, more excuses) *whines* I shall have to look for someone soon. *sigh*

Okie, maybe if I'm really really bored, I might dig out my current knitting and try to figure out what happened before I stopped. Which was like ... what? A year ago? Shessh.

I might go for yoga tonight if I feel like moving butt out of house. If not, tomorrow definitely must go jogging.

Will wash car again tomorrow. Definitely bird shit still stains one whole bloody side of car. May get younger bro to help us. Three pairs of hands means faster work ya? Besides bro owes me a lot of favours. Hey, I drove down to pick him up from the uni when he missed his bus. ... Me <-- good sister. hahahaha. *bleah*

Maybe I might even paint my toenails. ... That usually take an hour! serious! heh.

And I must wake up even earlier tomorrow.

Oh, I also have Japanese to revise! And workstuffs to do. Wow ... suddenly there seems to be a lot of things for me to do! Ha ... that's why must write them down so that I will realise that I actually have lots of things to do, and I shouldn't be bored. :)

Yay me. ... and now, back to work. commerical break over.

over and out.

... oh, before I forgot, if anyone ever does read my blog, I apologise for all the spelling mistakes and horrible tenses I made. I'm really really terrible at my grammar. I write without thinking and digesting, and when I read what I've written (after I published), I see all the mistakes there. heh ... if I feel like it, I might change them, but sometimes I can't be bothered. So there.

Osu! (that which is said by Gon and Killua)


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