Thursday, September 09, 2004

Divide and Conquer

It's almost 4pm and let's see what I have done so far. I'm one of those people who can stay at home the whole day and enjoy myself throughly. heh. As long as I have an internet connection to keep me distracted now and then ... hmm.

Okie, mind check.

1. Piano: played the ballad. yup. Practised said bars. yup. Pretty satisfied. On and off probably spent about two hours on it. Or was it actually two? duh.
2. Tidied up room. Now messier than ever. Threw out one bagful of rubbish. All other rubbish still on floor, not to throw away yet. Will pile them up and put them somewhere to be sifted through again. Room is slightly neater! Really really. heh.
3. Naruto episode 100 is out! So fast! Now downloading, going to be very slow, but. I think I now prefer Hunter X Hunter. :)

Oh, lunch first. Be right back, me.

Lunch was mushroom soup. It's not that I was on a diet, it's just that I haven't gained my appetite back yet. Nevermind, Father said he'll make soy-sauce chicken tonight. I could have volunteered to cook tonight, you know, do a roast chicken thingy - honey lemon style or something. But I don't feel like it today. Besides father and I are always at loggerheads. When he cooks, I shall not disturb. When I cook, he'd better not disturb too. heh. I guess we're quite like the same type of people, and we step on each other toes all the time. Besides he irritates me no end when he critisizes my cooking. Which I return the compliment to him all the time to irritate him too. heh. Most of the time father cooks really well, but sometimes he'll go crazy and do something strange, like add lots of spice and spoil the whole dish. humf.

Don't tell anyone, but I do love my father, though I love my mum more. heh.

So, I hope he cooks the chicken properly tonight. I haven't had a nice homecooked meal for a while. It'll be disappointing if he adds strange stuffs and makes the chicken inedible. Yes, I'm a greedy person, and I love my food. :P I think my family are all like that. Well, accept for my older bro. He's the wierd one out. We all love to cook (somewhat) and we love it when people we cook for love our food. heh. Hubby loves my cooking! :-) ... actually he'd better. Right dear? ;)

I can remember the last time my younger bro cooked. He made fried rice. And it was really rather special. He said he followed some chef on TV. He mixed the raw eggs with the rice first before cooking the rice. I thought it tasted rather good and ingenious too. I shall steal his recipe and try it out one day instead of my normal style. Hmm, it really looked rather messy though.

Ah ha .. I just had a thought. The whole family is in tonight. Accept for older bro. He's not much here anyway if he's around. We must play mahjong sometime soon! It's good mind game for the older folks! heh heh heh.

Shucks .. guess not tonight. Back to cleaning the room and playing the piano. *yawn* Perhaps I shall go shopping tomorrow instead. :P

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