Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yet another of those days

... where I wake up in the morning with a sharp pain on one side of my head, and the headache will not go away for the rest of the day. Any sudden movement will cause the pain to stab, else it's just a dull ache. My poor dear heavy head!

Last night I went to queue to get the rebate. Long queue! 30 minutes of queueing! I've never queued so long before! I hate queueing. Usually if I see something like that I'll just forget it. But it was hard to resist, especially since we went all the way there. Wen regretted not buying the Tod's bag during that time. *lol* I wish I had done so too ... heh.

Anyway, I wonder if I would get it after all ... apparently have to wait ... hmm. Hmmm ....

When you have been assigned to do something against your wishes, is it still volunteering? *ponder*

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