Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Another of those days

I feel depressed ... and angry. It's one of those days when I have to face all forty-five of them, noisy, irritating and stupid idiots they are. What to do? *sigh* :-( ... It's a totally crazy system. One wonders what they are thinking of.

Anyway, I shan't put down the unhappy things here. My memories shall only be happy. Good thing there's my dear hubby who's there for me ... I won't go crazy then. ^.^ Life isn't all that bad ... really.

Just got some good news here! I won!! I won!!! heh heh ... money back for lunch on Mon with Wen ... free treat for both of us ... heh, shall treat her to ice-cream then. :)

Too bad Wen didn't tell me about it earlier ... damn, thou shalt not be greedy. :P

I'm dreaming of the delectable homemade ice-cream at alila manggis. Oh ... nothing can beat that! Not even haagen dazs. I think it has to do with the local cane sugar. If I close my eyes and keep my tongue still, I can even taste the ice-cream now! ahh ... hahaha.

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Anonymous said...

The Visa contest :-) Darn, I went shopping an hour after one of their magic hours. ~ xena