Thursday, August 12, 2004


Bextra took slightly more than 30 minutes to work completely, still there was a very slight lingering echo after that. I remembered the last time it took only 15 minutes or so, or was I wrong? I shall keep track now and see. Does taking it too often result in tolerance towards the drug? I hate popping tablets. I'd rather take a day off and sleep it off. heh *wishful thoughts* ... well, at least I did not insist that a little bump in the ear was leprosy. *blinks innocently* :P Sorry about the dig ... :P *puff cheeks out*

My colleague sneezes non-stop 10 times or so and she's down with flu. I sneeze non-stop 100 times but I'm not. Damn.

I have not gotten over Naruto yet. Experiencing withdrawing symptomes while waiting for the next episode. Arrrrgggghh! Will watch a few more tonight ... There are some other new animes. Ragnorak looks rather promising, but doesn't seem as funny or interesting. .. crawl ... into ... shell ... now ....

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