Monday, August 16, 2004

Sunset. The greek cat. An excerpt

See ... I can take pictures of sunsets too. Haha ... show off! ~bleah

This is a photo of a cat taken by a friend when he was in Greece. I say, it's really the most elegant cat I've ever seen! See how he posed, see how royal he looked! Hah ... you humans are all like mice ... pesky and irritating. heh. I have no idea how my friend managed to get such a pretty picture of the cat. I 'stole' the photo from him when he wasn't looking. heh heh. :)

I quote from my hubby's blog ... he refuses to allow me to link there, because he's paranoid that knife-welding crazed mentally deprived buggers would come after him. hee.

If a tryee fawls in the maeddle orf a forust wid' no'une to heer eat, dorst it miin that the tryee deed nort fawl?

Mebbe the maw impawtant qwestchurn to awsk is whither the tryee cares..

(Ahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,, my head hurts from trying to write like that... later then)

me atame ga itai desu trying to read like that too! *LOL*

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