Monday, August 16, 2004

Some photos from Japan years ago :)

I guess there's no short-cut in doing this. But I just want to share some of the nicer photos (without pple) which I took in Japan when I was there with Wen years back. :) These are the memories which will forever remain in my mind. All the beautiful gardens and parks and shrines.


This was the backyard of the ryokan we stayed in Japan. Or was it the front? heh ... I cannot remember. :P

The trees are hushed and the wind is still. It is not dark yet. Them tall trees line both sides of the pebbled path. The path curved at the far end yet surely it must lead somewhere? Step onto the path and let your feet carry you to somewhere, anywhere, and leave your worries and cares behind.

A thousand steps lead to the shrine. Couples walk up hand in hand, to the shrine they go to pray for happiness together. How tall can the trees get?

I think this was what we saw at the top of all those stairs. If I remember correctly, this was the shrine at the Mt Fuji (or rather, the mountain next to Mt Fuji).

It was a hidden garden where we peered out. The emperor's own secret garden in his palace grounds. The bonzais were perfectly shaped and not a leaf out of synch. The gardeners sure work hard for this. Perhaps it's off with his head if the Emperess is displeased? ;)

The castle of a warlock. He who hires samurais and shinobis. At night where there are secret meetings and where they are ordered to carry out orders of assinations and treasure hunting. To crush the pitiful underlings and rob the rich. Woohoo, don't your imagination just come alive with all the dark secrets?

This is the park right in the middle of the city. Where we went to have breakfast at. Bought MacDonalds breakfast and went down there to have a picnic and feed the ducks. Heh ... I just loved it! See the crane? It's not very well taken though.

And don't ask me why the swan (or is it a goose?) is swimming with the ducks? Perhaps it is indeed an ugly ducking turned into a ... goose? :P

I smell food ... that's all for the moment. ;)

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