Sunday, August 15, 2004

Once upon a time ...

... not too long ago, there was a boy who had some problems with a classmate. He was a class leader of sorts and he took his responsibilities very seriously. The class wasn't the best of classes and he spent time talking to them and trying to get them to change for the better. He cared a lot about the class who didn't really cared much. He was also a self-confessed perfectionist and a cynic and he lost sleep over his classmates. Now this classmate of his over-rode his authorities on certain matters and he was very upset. He was especially upset when she did silly things like spending over $200 on a class outing and other stuffs major or minor. Whenever anything happened to the class, he felt that he had to answer to everything. At times he felt that he was on breaking point and he felt lonely when no one supported what he did. He was an only child and he was critical of his parents, his teachers and even his classmates.

I'm trying to get my scanner up, but it doesn't seem to be working. Horrors of horror! I don't have any software for scanning or photo-editing. So here I am trying to download some try-out version of the adobe software. Hmm, perhaps I should wait for some experts to tell me what's next.

Sometimes it's hard to care too much. Especially if it's a thankless job. People are not sheep and they do not follow orders that easily. And every individual has their way of doing things. Whether it may be good, or stupid, or ungracious, or ... whatever. It may hurt to see someone going down the wrong path, but he/she has to face that path on his/her own. One can talk, advise, critisize, scold, shout, wring the hands, stomp the feet ... but at the end, can one change anything? If a person has a loud mouth and sprews out foul things, what can one say to stop that person? If people are bad role-models and selfish and thoughtless, what can you do to change them? And the young are most suspectible and vulnerable, but where are the parents and responsible adults? All working and uncaring. It's only the money that talks.

Isn't it inevitable that we are where we are? It's not surprising to see youngsters not saying thank you or please, or being polite and offering their help. I see them kids scolding the librarian that as an employee (who is being paid), why can't they do what they (kids) want? I see them talking back even though they are being scolded for not doing their homework.

In today's papers (which I read only the headlines) I thought I saw something that one of the correct ways to discipline kids is to reason with them. Hmmm ... reason? That is assuming they are 'mature' enough to be reasoned with. And they could agree with whatever you say but still do the same wrong things again, couldn't they? There is no fear nor respect nor reason for any authorities anymore. The good are boring, the bad are charming and glam.

Oh ... and I was told that kids nowadays are like that ... all over the world.

To Razz: It's impossible to debate with someone who doesn't have an open-mind or is too immature to see things beyond the tip of the nose. :P But it's easy to be nasty.
And it's easy to get personal too, which becomes an all out defending for the crown. :P

I told the boy to let go somewhat and to take care of himself. Losing sleep and getting depressed is not the solution to anything. Things will eventually take care of themselves, and sometimes if it's beyond his control, to get his teacher involved as well. He meant well but he's not getting through them the right way. They were annoyed with him and they felt that he was the one who was narrow-minded, high-and-mighty, and 'full-of-morals'. There are people who will never see beyond their noses, but one could always hope that they will learn somewhere sometime when they are ready. He said my class is so well-behaved ... hmm, I think it's about time to scold them and push them somewhat ... too many good things and they've become rather lazy again. *slaps forehead*

Now, sitting here comfortably, I'm reminded that a few days ago, I was complaining somewhat about the long working hours. :P Heh ... I shall take that back. 9 hours seems a lot to me, but there are people working 11 to 13 hours everytime. Take hubby who has to work 13 hours somedays. So what I should have said was the unusual crappy day I had ... but it's really isn't so bad most of the times.

Speaking about complains ... my next grouse is that ... It sure is a hell long time to wait for the next Naruto episode! Arrgh!!!


And since I'm on the topic of complains, my kids complained that the relief teaches by scribbling on the board and going fast. And they didn't like it, because 1, they could not understand; 2, he went too fast; 3, they couldn't hear him; 4, no notes. I said ... cool! That's how it should be actually ... shouldn't it? Instead of spoonfeeding and giving them nicely-printed notes so that they don't have to listen in class or to use their head and think or to lift their fingers and write their own notes or read up before the lesson. *laughs* However, my hands are tied. I'm doomed to do everything against my choice. Because that is the way it is. That is the way I've been told to do ... by someone rather high there. ha.


Anonymous said...

I Love You, Darling!

~ Mao!

Anonymous said...

You lost the software that came with the scanner? I think Photoshop should work. ~xena

Tammy said...

The children are, unfortunately, learning by example. It's very bad in America. There are no manners, no respect. Only a sense of entitlement. Keep going, Lys.

And you're right about the debates.